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I haven't washed myself in about 3 weeks?
It's causing me to get bad skin, spots, odourous scent and it's unattractive...but I can't seem to stop the procrastination?! I'm being serious, help?

kate ♥s sydney.jesse.&moose
wow that is so interesting


i didnt need to know that

go take a freeking shower like zomg, all's you have to do is this:

1.Turn on water
2.Pull the lever thing to make it a shower
3.Get in
4.Clean yourself!!!!!!!!



That's digusting. Go get in the shower.

just do it!!!!

This is more than procrastination.
What is stopping you from talking a long hot shower?
What happens when you visit the bathroom, I hope you wash your hands at least.

Valerie M
Your ill sweetheart go get professional help quickly!

I know how it feels, I mean, sometimes I am just so tired, or so bored that I really don't feel like taking a shower. Seriously, once I didn't take a shower for 3 days. I understand, but trust me, as soon as you take a shower you will feel as good as new.

hehe keep going, break a record don't stop until they arrest you for stinking

Melissa G
what the heck are you doing instead of bathing??? take a long, hot shower, scrub yourself down with some soap, and wash your hair a couple times! you always, ALWAYS take time out of your day to bathe, hon!

sounds like you're depressed

well if u can't take a bath take a wipe off....

peeeuuuuu!!! yuck she smells like pee pee!!!
stinky body!!!!

Terence L
Well, why don't you just wash yourself? Nothing about procrastinating, just walk into the bathroom and take a shower. If you're that filthy, no one will even bother seeing or talking to you unless that's what you want.

take a shower and go to a proffesional therapist or something and get help.

Sassafrass AKA: Sass

You can throw yourself in a pool....LOL

I would love to be stuck in an elevator with you

i dont know i cant go any more then 2days and thats in the winter and your a lady you must be crazy or bored and making up questions but whatever i got my points

try taking a shower.


Shana B
If you are serious, then you need psychiatric help. This sounds like a symptom of a mental disorder.

Go to the doctor.

David C
get your self uncomfortably dirty so that you MUST take a shower to feel better or able to go to work or school... example roll around in mud, blood, poop, paint... after that you have to take a shower... or you'll be fired, kicked out of class/anywhere place of business

Anil S
At times, it so happens, that , you are so tired, and despite you intend to desire to take bath , but because of your tireness, you could not do it . So take a sleeping peel and take rest. That is the solution, and think what best can be done in the morning.

this is like anorexia! go see a therapist, if you can't control yourself.

First...take a nice long shower and wash yourself...then put on clean clothes and deodorant. Maybe some lotion too.
If you ever did this before...it could be a problem.

Happens to me all the time...

but when it gets soo bad that MY eyes begin to water from pulling my panties down to pee,...it is time. Time to just DO IT! Go scrub that funk!!!


Grainov Truth
I know where you are coming from. I will go for a week, but then that is about it.
Trouble is, you are either not sweating alot and/or your job is a very clean one. What you need to do is "get physical". Do exercise will give you the energy to shower afterward(just to rest for awhile). I find that doing work like drywall, or insulating with "glass insulation", or cleaning up dusty areas will want you to take a shower pronto to get that stuff out of your hair and off the bod.
If you can't smell yourself, you must have a head cold or some other nasal infection.
Washing everyday is just as unhealthy. Washes out the natural oils in the skin, causing it to flake, and crack, and bleed. Dry rashes also result.


Take it a bit at a time. Wash your hair in the sink, and your face while you're at it. Do something else for a while. Then start on getting a nice bath ready. Pamper yourself a little! If you've already done the hard part (hair and face) then the rest is just for relaxation.
Do you have any bathtub toys? They're fun!
Good luck!

If you're serious, go see a mental health professional. This could be a sign of depression or something else.

You need a doctor. You are suffering from some sort of mental problem. I'm being serious too. I've heard of it before, I don't know what it is. I do know that some people also get this way when they are depressed.

Come over. I'll bathe you.

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