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I have to get a tetanus shot and i am really scared!!?
Please give me advice on what can help me get through it and whether it will hurt or not!!

it's just a shot for pete's sake .close your eyes

Don't look at the needle. Look away and bite the nail of your little finger really hard!!!! The shot won't hurt but your finger will. Good luck

well it will hurt only for a short miniute but let me tell you if you dont get one what you may get if you dont get it will make you even more scared! so just do it its better then something worse happening to you because the bigger needles may come involved! you will be ok go for it! good luck

Actually i just got three shots today including a tetanus shot and im not gonna lie to its dosent really hurt at first but after a couple of hours it starts to hurt my arm still hurts and i got the shot this morning but just close ur eyes and grit ur teeth and dont look at the shot. Hope that helps

dont worry about a tetanus shot, its no biggie.

you should be worried if you got cut with a rusty metal object which is what the tetanus is for.

other than that just know that in the future should you ever need the protection of that shot, you will be safe.

i hope all goes well for you, try to hold onto something and squeeze very hard to get through it.


Clsoe your eyes,do not watch it...and try not to tense up...maybe strike up a convorsation with who ever is doing the shot...this works for me...
I am scared to death of needles and had to have 4 viles full of blood took to see if I was diabetic or not...and it really wasnt too aweful bad!!That is what I done to help ease the tension,struck up a convo...
Good luck hon and believe me you will be alright...:-)

Close ur eyes as tight as u can and then open it... It would have finished by this time ...


nothing to it. it will be over before you feel it.

the only thing i can say to you is that once you get this one,,you won't need another for about 10-15 years !! keep that in mind....

It will only hurt for a second. Don't look when you get the shot and take a stuffed animal or something you can squeeze tight. I'm sure you've gotten shots in the past. It's not that bad and it will protect you from a very bad infection.

It doesn't hurt when you get the shot, it's just sore for a few days later. I'm scared of needles and I did fine, I just didn't watch.

as long as you keep your arm relaxed you'll be fine.

Try to relax your muscle, it won't hurt as much. And yes, it will hurt.

Take a dose of Tylenol about 25 minutes before the shot, it will make the afterache hurt less, it's just a shot, the actual shot doesn't really hurt but if you tense up your muscle might, so take the Tylenol before hand.

Don't worry just think that it'll be over in 1 second!!

just don't look at it they going to keep you after for 15 min just to see if your body make a reaction that is all

My eleven year old just had her booster to the tetanus and she is Miss Drama! Her arm was a little sore for about a day but she survived and if my Miss Drama can make it then there is no doubt you will too.

It's just like someone took a needle and poked you. It doesn't hurt a bit.

Take a book or a comic with you and read it while looking the other way when you're getting the shot. If you don't see the needle, you won't feel scared.

Also, talk to the nurse/doctor. I talked to the nurse about Archie comics and it actually helped me relax.

Afterwards, it kind of feels like someone hitting you lightly a lot for a few days.

Relax, when you're tense it will hurt a lot more.

Don't worry! =)

when i got it, i was scared to death but i made up my mind to just grit my teeth and take it and i did. it didnt hurt that much at all. so dont be scared. ;-)

Erick W
I have had a couple tetanus shots over the years, and yes, they do hurt, but not as bad as you are probably thinking! Usually you will get the shot in the upper arm, and it stings during the injection. You will also have just a little knot at the injection spot for a day or so, but it will go away. My advice is, don't watch them give you the shot, relax your muscles, and you will be fine!

Dont be scared it wont hurt at all.

Its just a shot. Close your eyes and its done, you'll be just fine.

It will be ok. It is just a little worse than a bee sting. Good luck!

OMG!! That one hurts so bad. And it burns for hours afterwards. Just don't look when they come in with the shot. Don't ever look at any of the hardware. That usually works for me.

Jay Emm
a lil

Some of this has been said already but I thought I'd put it together in a concise manner. Things to do:
1. you can take a pain Reliever like Tylenol or Advil beforehand
2. try to relax your arm (imagine it is longer than your other arm and your shoulder is lower)
3. don't look at it when they give you the shot, you don't want to anticipate it hurting
4. either try to chat with someone while they are giving you the shot, or just close your eyes and think about something you really like or something really funny
5. don't try to hold your arm still and carefully afterwards, just use it like normal

Will it hurt, a little, but as others pointed out, it actually can be more sore afterwards, the actual shot is not that bad compared to other shots. Try not to worry about it and get yourself worked up, your mind can make things worse than they really are. You're going to be fine!

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