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Ahmad K
I am very sick and i am throwing up alot how do i make it stop what should i eat?
please i am very sick

Sir Poops-A-Lot
"I will never drink again"

r c
starve a fever and feed a cold

smarty smarty pants
take yo *** to da doctor!

It sounds like you have the flu. Go to the 24 hour care place and see a doctor asap because you could die if your electrolytes are thrown off too much.

drink LOTS OF LIQUIDS and go see a doctor ASAP for anti-bodices. Hope you get well soon.

dont drink liquids, stick to solid food such as a banana and salty crackers are good too

Krishna F
Could you have eaten something bad? Like a burger from a place that isn't the cleanest? When I was young - that happened to me and I threw up 13 times. My mom finally took me to the hospital and the doctor gave me a suppository, which helped it stop. I agree that going to the ER or a clinic would be a good idea. Chances are that you have a bug or ate something. Time will probably see you getting everything out of your stomach and then your body will heal itself, but why gamble - go to the doc.

Crackers (bland things) and LOTS of gatorade. Throwing up is dehydrating you.

Go should go see the doctor or go to the ER tonight since the doc is not in. I am sure they can help u. Good luck!!!!

need to get fluids down

emetrol can help ease the tummy

no food just yet, you tummy wants to get rid of it

all the best (on my third day - yuck!)

glad I am on vacation so I did not have to call in sick

i had the same prob and it has been going on for about 15 weeks now. i stopped trhowing up at about the 6 month. i just stopped drinking milk.....stopped drinking TOO much water..water is good, just not too much.
did that help? lemme know!

Follow the Brat diet.
Bread-Rice-Applesauce-Toast. Take small sips of liquids, No gulps. Try apple juice. Not too hard on the stomach. Try Popsicles

Just make sure you drink plenty of fluids so you don't get dehydrated. Drinks such as water ,coke, sprite, Gadorade
No fruits juices or milk. Don't worry too much about eating right now.

Sarah P
Get some Ginger Ale, Saltine crackers, and some SUGAR FREE popsicles. These can all help to calm your stomach.

Also, when all else fails, just get something in your stomach to throw up, because it's worse for your stomach to be wrenching up bile than it is to just eat something knowing it'll make you puke.

Unfortunately there really is no cure for stomach flu :( sorry hun


If you have the flu (aches along with a fever too) get in bed, try to rest after drinking a little 7-Up or Ginger Ale, that will settle your stomach, make sure it is not cold. Also, if that works, then you can eat some dry crackers, just a few.

Make sure you drink water, you are going to be dehydrated from the throwing up.

If it does not stop, call a doctor.

warm sprite

‚ô• Nene‚ô•
Saltine crackers and water

Sounds like you have the flu, unless there's more to it that you're not sharing.

If it's the flu, Tylenol to relieve any fever and body aches.

For the stomache, try plain crackers (Saltines or the like). Start with a few, then wait 30 minutes. If you can keep them down, eat a few more. Take your time eating them though. You can also try sipping chicken noodle soup, or even just chicken broth. Other stuff to drink that help are Sprite or 7-Up (clear soda's) and Ginger Ale (Ginger soothes stomaches naturally), and water or Gatorade (to replenish lost nutrients).

Take your time when eating and drinking anything, and do so in small amounts at a time, then wait a while. This will give your body time to retrain itself to eat again, and will help your stomache accept everything slowly so it doesn't get irritated.

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