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I've tried everything and my armpits still smell really bad! help?
I can just be sitting down doing nothing and my armpits reek. I use dove and once in awhile my brother's old spice. I don't sweat that bad I just smell really bad. I use sprays, lotions, soaps, I eat zinc. I think it might be from anxiety because my IBS is caused by that, but now I am starting to get this armpit problem. please help!
Additional Details
don't just say deodorant

read the stuff underneath the question!

Ms Lady G
I've had the same problem before and I realized none of the women's deodorants work for me so I switched up and started using Men's Degree Sport. It holds me all day VS any of the female degree or any other brand made for females. I pretty much tried them all and Degree Sport for men works. I also use a deodorant soap to shower with and bath with.

Nurse Susan
1] do you shace your armpits regularly?
2] wait until pits are dry before applying antiperspirant?
3] keep alcohol free baby wipes in locker to clean after PE, and re-apply antiperspirant
4] try an odor absorbing powder: people in hospitals use Odor Eaters Foot Powder - actually absorbs stink! - for days that are so bad we have to change scrubs [ disasters or just messes ]. Test the smell first.

AFI and Blaqk Audio Rulz!
um... i only know about deodorant.
other than that, go see a doctor. maybe there are other solutions. its weird 4 a girl to be this way lol

Britany W
try that

saloon girl
Secret seems to work well. Make sure it is an antipersperant (for the sweating) and a deodorant (for the odor). Also, make sure you are washing your pits very well while showering daily.
Depending on what types of hormonal changes your body is going through, that will also have an effect.

You need to talk with your Doctor he/she can give you something or give you suggestions, I had to change soaps and change deod.

It's the bacteria that smells. Use deoderant soap.

it is a very rare medical condidtion, go to the doctor to get some medicine

Maybe it's a medical condition. Ask the doctor. My mother's friend is like that, she always smells.

see/ family Dr/ asap/until then/ dry underarms /good /after shower/and /lightly dust/ with baking soda/ 3 times a day///you/ don't need /to shower/ 3 times a day /just wash/ underarms/ good luck

mmmmm good
try this :
hope it helps !

change your diet. it may be what your eating.

mars is the one
It happens!! Don't sweat it!! (no pun intended)

I loooooove going out dancing so clearly I work up a sweat... it used to be a problem until I found Secret Clinical Strength... it's inexpensive, smells great, and TOTALLY WORKS... imagine?? It's a miracle.. Try it!! :)

Hope I helped!

Chlorophyll works as a really good system cleanser.
Oftentimes, odors coming from various parts of your body are caused by your body excreting toxins (although some major cases may be caused by fungus... but you'd be able to see that). Chlorophyll would help to clean the toxins out of your system so that they don't come out of your sweat glands.

Conceivably, it's possible that it might be from anxiety.... but anxiety typically just makes you sweat more, not stink more. It's also possible that anxiety can augment IBS, but it can't directly cause it. In both of those cases, the only way anxiety could actually cause either case would be if the anxiety was completely debilitating.... you'd be bawling your eyes out on a daily basis.

I could recommend several natural products that can help with stress and relaxation if that would help... like St. John's Wart, SAMe, some B-Vitamins, Gaba, Ashwagandha, and L-Theanine. And if you're looking for help with your IBS, I'd suggest finding a good Probiotic complex, and maybe some enzymes if those don't help enough.
Let me know if you have any other questions.

Get a new deoderant! Dove blows! I was using Dove and noticed it doesn't last long at all. I switched and there's a huge difference.

Speak to a close family member about it x

have you tried clinical degree?
You can get it as a deoderant or antipersperant (sorry if I didn't spell those exactly right lol)
Definetely talk to your doc about it, sometimes it can be due to a hormonal imbalance and they may suggest another alternative.
Good Luck!

Paul C
It could be just as easy as your diet. I really can't find a specific website about it, but I do know that eating specific foods (veggies) can really help your situation.

Try seeing a doctor.

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