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I'm craving cigarettes. Should I give in?
I used to smoke socially, then I gave it up. I've really been craving a cigarrette lately- like really, really bad. My bf said he'd break up with me if I ever started smoking again. I live on my own and have plenty of opportunities to do it without him knowing, but I don't want to hurt him if he finds out. Do I give in to temptation, or should I forget? How do I curb the cravings?

give in, cmon you know you want to. You know 1 cigarette isn't going to hook you again, you have a stronger will than that right? so just do it. right now, noone's looking, noone will know. Don't spend your life fighting temptations or you won't live to the fullest. I personally don't blame you if you did, and I don't think anyone has that right, am I right? then do it......do it

Steph Step
DOnt give in.. once u do it once u will do it again.. eventually u will get caught. WHy loose someone u love over somethign that is killing you. BE STRONG... make ur favorite food instead.. it helps somewhat

No, don't give in. It will be hard to stop again. Congrats on your progress!

don't give in
whenever I craved I would blow bubbles
it worked for me haven't smoked in 9 years

Life's too short smoke, smoke and smoke some more!....Serously if you CAN then DON'T you've come this far so try your best to stick to it, don't give in, will power is a difficult thing to master....Trt and keep yourself busy eventually the cravings will get less and less...Good luck....

Casey H
Don't give in! just eat chocolate and watch chick flicks. i get so into movies i forget every thing. oh and if you learn about what's in them you'll get sick by even hearing the word cigarette.

We'll this is what I gotta say:

Pros: You get rid of cravings

Cons: Affecting your health (Pretty much killing yourself!),loss of your boyfriend, wasting money, and so much more!
So I hope u make the right decision, please do!

chew gum, chew on pencils... do something you really enjoy doing and don't usually give your self time for. A book you may be wanting to pick back up? And Never quit quiting!

umm get that nicoten ((sp.??)) stuff my friends dad tried that stuff he said it works really good and stops the craving and don't ever smoke again 1. it makes your teeth rot 2.you could get lung cancer and 3. your lungs will look like bacon.

my advice to you--

ok see when you think about smoking think about all the bad stuff that happens if you do smoke example: could die, lung disease, bf'll go away, lines around mouth, stinky breath OR you could chew gum instead

Stay strong for your health

no, no, no! don't give in. your killing yourself faster each time you take a puff.

Nooooooooooooooooooooo! I went 2 months got stressed & started smoking again. I've never been so upset with myself. It is so worth not going back. Someone told me they chewed on radishes when they quit. I had to find things to take my mind off it. I read alot or got into a good movie. Stay strong!!!

First off don't you think you should quit for yourself? Please don't give in and smoke. I just quit 7days ago and I feel so much better. I think you should ask yourself do I want to still smoke and if yes do it, but be ready to face the dreaded quitting time!!!!


I quit once for FIVE years. Then for some reason decided one day that I could have one. Just one......
I was smoking a pack a day by the end of the week. It's not worth it. It's a ridiculous habit. Inhaling toxins makes NO sense!

I hate it. I am not a social smoker. And craving it, probably doesn't make you one either.

Peter S
NO! Please don't give in to the cravings!

I smoked off-and-on for 6 years, quit for four, "gave in" to the cravings and was on-and-off again for another 6 years before I finally stopped smoking. The cravings can get bad, but simply do not light up that one cigarette. You'll be VERY happy that you did not give in later on. Trust me.

It's been 16 years since I last lit up, and there are still periodic cravings (oddly enough, just this afternoon!). They don't really ever go away, you simply fill in your mind with other thoughts, and make your hands busy with other things. You forget about the cravings and then find it odd when you do get them.

Be the strong-willed woman that you are, and DON'T light up! Yay!

You've all ready made a good start by stopping. The one that you should really keep up the good work for is you. And I think the craving will gradually stop. It will certainly benefit your health. Maybe you could try replacing your bad habit by a new positive one? In any case, good luck with your decision. I hope it works out.

Sherrie L
No don't give in! Its to hard to quit. I quit smoking 8 mo. ago, I still get cravings, but its less & less often now. I don't ever want to go through quiting again. It was to hard. I smoked for years & never thought I could quit, But after 2 major asthma attacks in 1 day & 21/2 weeks in the hospital I decided to quit. Its really a stupid habit. Don't give in! Good Luck!

No, chew some gum....................or eat a piece of candy.

Get Some nicotine Gum or give some of your money to charity or take those help me forget about cigarettes.

Cigarettes are so useless and cost so much damn money. Smoke reefer instead, it gets rid of the cravings also.

I don't know how to curb the cravings, but think about how hard it is for someone to quit. You don't want to start up again because quitting is so hard! That, and, as a non-smoker, he may v ery well be able to tell if you smoke. I never have trouble identifying a smoker because I am smell sensitive. Also, for women, you'll age faster, be prone to yellow teeth, bad breath and yellowing fingernails. Don't give into temptation! You'll be sorry later!

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