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How long would it take a person to starve to death...?
if they stopped eating completely....... [and no I am neither sucidal nor suffering from Anorexia ].

I was just pondering this question having come across an article on Wikipedia... and was wondering whether a person would die within weeks or rather months if they just drunk fluids and ate nothing.. I also read somewhere that if you went without sleep for more than 5 days you would die??

As far as when you die from not eating..... Depends on if your drinking or not.... I think without drinking prolly 3 days or so..... With drinking prolly a week...... But I'm no Doctor... just a guesstemate

Ravioli man
It depends to the body situation but the maximum is 55 days .

Trevor159 I
about a month, but after a week ull lose all ur energy

I heard that it was 20 days from this book, but I think it's sorta outdated....idk

If there is no water involved then 1 week. If it is just no food but liquids then about a month give or take.. If it is only water and no foods then probably 2-3 weeks. And yes you can die from lack of sleep.. It has been proven is many cases especially where people are awake and on the computer.

Taylor R
I've heard it's a rule of 3's: 3 minutes without air, 3 days without water and 3 weeks without food.

Of course...it also depends on your body weight too...I mean if you were a heavier person you could probably last longer...


de bossy one
three main factors are involved. first, the amount of stored calories in the body (weight). second, type of liquids, water only vs something with calories such as fruit juice. and third, the amount of calories used per day (such as exertion vs sitting around doing nothing).
the time involved would vary based on these three factors. more exertion, more calories used. fruit juices vs plain water for caloric intake. higher caloric intake, longer time for starvation. kigher beginning weight, longer to use the stored calories before starvation. a normal person of average weight with zero caloric intake and only water for fluids could last about six to eight weeks before succumbing to such a state as to be near death, and actual death would occur quickly thereafter.
an individual of high weight with water only would naturally take longer since the stored calories would have to be used up. once the stored calories are used up, the body begins to consume itself for the necessary calories to continue exertions. any caloric intake would prolong the time needed to reach the state of near death.
if you have read or seen anything about the camps run by the germans in the thirties and forties, many people lived for months on almost no food except a thin watery soup which supplied few calories, but which was sufficient to keep the internees alive for months at a time before they succumbed to death of starvation. many were worked until they could no longer exert themselves even to rise from a bed, they would die within a couple weeks from that time. but they may have been starving of calories for several months with just enough to give them a continued state of exertion sufficient to work at hard labor for several weeks and even months if they were able to, until succumbing to death.
however, death would come within a a few days to a couple of weeks without water, depending on exertion and locale such as a hot desert versus a cold region.

The average is fourteen days without food, about 4-5 days without water.

There are a lot of variables to consider such your amount of bodyfat, your basal metabolic rate (the amount of energy you consume at rest), your activity level and the type of fluids available.

By the way, you can live a long healthy life on just fluids if you take the right kind of fluids. Lets assume that you have water only. I can't imagine anyone holding out for more than a month though it could be possible. Several months would be out of the question. A skinny weak person might die within days.

a month

depends upon the persons body mass and how much they're used to eating and sleeping. I would say as early as a few days to have complications to about 15 days.

(1-2 months) In humans, prolonged starvation (in excess of 1-2 months) causes permanent organ damage and will eventually result in death.

Most people can go three weeks without eating, longer depending on the person's weight. Some of those in Ireland lasted about a month when they fasted until dying. Sleep deprivation can definitely kill.

don't try it

I think it takes 14 days

Your brain would go into a sleep state while you were awake so the no sleep for 5 days is impossible and your body would digest itself if you didnt eat food so you could last about 3 weeks if you are in top shape and also had a very nutrient rich food intake right before you started your fasting and you can survive longer if you dont exercize during the fasting because your energy works like your breath if you can hold your breath underwater for a minute without moving you will only last half that time if you move around

wuz up
a month

ummm...i dunno, do they hav water with 'em???

i went for like a year with hardly any food, (like an apple a day or so, but lotsa water) and i almost died...yes, i was anorexic...but still, it depends on how much the preson weighs in the first place, like, if u already underweight then u'll be a goner soon but if u quite...ummm...how do i put this nicely...well-rounded, then u'll be able to last on your flubber for quite a while...however, i don't reccomend that u try!

If I Had My Way!!!
It depends. I usually takes 3 weeks

Heather B
3 months?

a couple of weeks, a lot quicker without fluids.

Daft One
I've known several people to get all hopped up on METH and they won't sleep for days and days, and it never killed them. But they do get paranoid and have hallucination!

As for how long it will take to kill someone by starvation. It depends on how much fat they have on their bodies, and whether or not they are drinking water. If you are drinking water, then you are keeping hydrated and you'll live longer. But when you cut off food and water, then you starve and Dehydrate, and you starve faster!

It can take 7-14 days for someone to starve/dehydrate to death!

People do it in nursing homes all the time. It's called *comfort care* and it's not comfortable at all, it just means that they are starving them to death!

I don't know, I mean, as long as the urge to eat doesn't make you go mad, I suppose a month. Depends how big the person already is and how much fat they have.

You won't die if you go without sleep for 5 days. Your brain will become extremely slow and disoriented resulting in not thinking clearly and rapid tiredness. The only real scientifically proven fact for the die part is posted here:http://ask.metafilter.com/mefi/41162. Preferably I would assume that you can go without food for more than 21 days because I believe in the different concepts. It all depends on how far your willing to go I suppose.

The First Dragon
If an average person, in good health, is drinking plenty of water or fruit juice but eating no food, s/he can go about 28 days without significant detriment to health.
Fasting completely from food causes the body to slow down its metabolism, allowing it to last longer.
People who have gone on "hunger strike" as a protest in prison, have died in about two months.

It depends on the amount of body fat an mucle one has. Death by starvation is caused when the body has to break down vital body mucles to provide energy. like heart mucles.

anime girl
Only 7 days with out water 30 days without food.

Sixty days.
I learned this from an unsympathetic GP. My dad was ill and had been unable to eat for over a week. When consulted the GP said 'don't worry, people can survive for 60 days without eating'. Since then that fact has always stayed in my memory!

intake of nothing=death within weeks intake of just water=death withinb months - I know from experience you will not die if you go 5 days without sleep - (I used to do that all the time)

No fluids and no food = aprox 14-30 days
water only and no food, no nutrients= 30-65 days

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