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just want to know
How long will marijuana stay in your hair? second hand smoke?
i haven't smoked since august, but was recently in a car that was smoking. i have to take a hair follicle test probably in april sometime.

for a year

Starr B
I'm sorry. I don't smoke pot. I can not help you. Sorry! :(

its real easy. DON'T SMOKE POT HIPPY

weed will stay in ur hair for 7 years! unfortunately.

edwin m
Go here this will answer ur ?

i read in a newspaper tht when ur applying 4 a job they might take a hair sample and can test it 4 drugs going back 6 months

don't smoke

it 2 bad

It will be in ur hair for a while unless you get it shaved. THC will be in traces in ur blood too, in ur stool, and in ur urine.

It will stay in your hair until you get it cut to the point where it is drug free. You will have to get it cut short if you want to pass.

It'll stay for a day if you're indoors.

Tonya W
i've heard the can find it no matter the amount of time from your hair if you've smoked it before they can even tell how long ago if i remember correctly

If you were in the car,,,, and you worry it is in your hair,,,,,, Remember you were breathing that smoke also..... It will show up! They GOTCHA!!

Most likely as long as tobacco...

i've heard that they had some type of shampoo that will clean or atleast cover up the thc. you have to use it for about a week before the test. not sure what else it does to your hair though or scalp for that matter. but otherwise it can last for well over a year depending on your body and your habits.

i dont think it will stay too long since it is second hand smoke. Cutting it wont do any good because it can still trace back to 3 months. Also keep in mind that the long your hair is the farther back they can trace(though they only use about 3 cm of your hair) but you should be good because it was second hand smoke some months ago, but DO NOT SHAVE YOUR HEAD, necause the same history can be traced through body hairs, hope this helps

Hair Test will detect drugs for a period of 90 days
If body hair is used the timeframe represented by the test is approximately one year

Im quite sure that if you were not smoking it at all, second hand smoke wont affect your hair follicle. guess it depends on how much exposure you had as well.

Ok, the scent will dissipate very quickly, however, if you're asking this because you have a drug test that is testing hair, I might suggest you go to a detox center and get some special shampoo. Marijuana residue can stick around for a couple years in some cases.

It just depends on how much you smoke. But if you just have to pee in a cup, don't fret, drink a gallon of Arizona Green Tea in one sitting and it will flush your system in a day.

Good luck - and second hank smoke won't be around for that long.

It'll stay until your hair grows out. The scent of the smoke doesn't matter.....can't be a problem from others smoking around you. But you inhaling it into your system is what matters....hence why it's there until it grows out.

it wont be in your hair at all from second hand smoke if you wash it... they can detect it for up to 90 days if you smoked too though...

Wash your hair. i think the test checks if you have been smoking,(in the hair shaft) not smoke on your hair.

stay out of cars with smoking people until after the test.

Pot ...one time use: Detected for up to 90 days in hair(see below). 2-3 days in urine. 2-3 days in blood, and 12-24 hours in saliva.
With frequent use: 90 days in hair,(see below) up to 12 WEEKS in urine, 2 weeks in blood, and 12-24 hours in saliva.

Hair analysis is very accurate and can show any controlled substances used. EVER. As hair grows out, contaminates are encased in the hair shaft, so the longer ones hair the longer back a detection can occur.

Most facilities only use hair within about 3 - 5 cm of the scalp, and discard the rest. This limits the detection history to about 90 days. Some people attempt to circumvent this through shaving their heads. BUT...any body hair can be used as an acceptable substitute.
These traces remain in the follicle as it grows from the scalp at a rate of approximately one-half inch per month. The metabolites caught in the follicle cannot be washed or flushed out and do not diminish with time.

OHHH and by the way, for some reason, black people sometimes get a false positive for pot on hair testing.

It is not going to get in your hair from second hand smoke. The THC has to get into your system, that is how it gets in your hair. It is not going to get in your system enough to matter just from second hand smoke.

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