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How long does it take for alcohol to get out of your body?
If I had 7 drinks, how long could would I have to wait until it was completely out of my system? If I waited 24 hours, would it show up on a breathalizer??
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Anybody got any hard science to back up the myth 1 hr. for 1 drink??

Benjamin W
It depends on how much water you drink. I think if you drank enough water you could get it out of your system by then.

it depends on your body weight.

Depends on what you were drinking how fast your body gets rid of it. Generally, as long as your liver is functioning properly, you can process about a beer an hour. So if you had 7 beers, it would take about 7 hrs for your system to be cleaned up. But if you had 7 shots of whiskey, thats a stronger concentration of alcohol, and it takes longer to get it out. I think it takes 2 hours for a shot of alcohol to get out. If you waited 24 hrs, u should be clear for the breathalizer...

breathalizers are inconsistent depending on the type ive seen a friend blow a zero 1 hour after having 4 beers

Yes it would .
It can take anywhere up to two days to be out of your system

it takes about 30 hours to be fully out of your system.

interogative old man
You can wait till the next 7 drinks

I always heard for men its 1 hour per drink and for women its 2 hours per drink. Drink water to "flush" it out.

no it wont

for 7 drinks, I'd wait atleast 48 hours. But it also depends on your body weight. If you are big then it will take longer, but if smaller then it won't take as long.

rachel o
its generally a drink an hour. so no- it wouldn't show up on a breathalizer. but thats like 8oz wine 1oz liquor or 12oz beer. thats "a drink"

It should be out of your body within 24 hours,but sometimes it could take longer.It just depends

sassy g
i dont no u should't be drinkin that much u can reall y get sick like that

It takes your liver 1 hr. to filter out 1 beer, or 1 shot, or the equivalent.

So NO it wont.

24 hours

It totally depends on your body weight and metabolism. Someone who weighs 160 pounds will get the alchohol out of their system faster than someone who is 100 pounds. Also, gender plays a major role, as it takes women longer than men. 7 Drinks seems like way too much. You do know that there is such a thing as Alcohol poisoning, when too much alcohol has entered the system and the body cannot process it fast enough.

Linda J
It would depend on the functioning of your liver. If you have a healthy liver and the body systems that support it are all functioning properly, than 24 hours should be sufficient time for the liver to detoxify your system of the alcohol.

it usually takes anywhere from 6-8 hours depending on your metabolism.

Baby Girl 24
as long as you drink alot of water and pee alot...24 hours

While it varies from person to person, it generally takes one hour per drink to leave your system. One drink is one 12oz. beer, a one oz. shot, or 4 oz. or wine. 7 drinks, in theory, should be out of your system in roughly 7 hours. After 24 hours, there is almost no chance that it would show up on a breathalizer.

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