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How long does a marijuana high last?
How long does a marijuana high last? From what I know, a high lasts 2-4 hours. A friend of mine, however, freaked out b/c he inhaled so much that he had had trouble breathing for a minute or two and was coughing pretty bad for 4 minutes. He said that his high didn't make him feel good at all and that he wanted it to be over soon b/c he couldn't take the anxiety. Is this a bad trip? if it is, how does one talk down a bad trip?

You do realize that marijuana is illegal, right? It shouldn't even matter, IT'S ILLEGAL!

Once he is on a bad trip there is nothing you can really do it's all up to the person to calm down , try popping in a funny movie to get your mind off the anxiety eat some food and it will wear off.

When that happens, just leave him alone and let him come down naturally. It can be very difficult to answer questions and/or move when you feel like that, so anything you try to do won't really help. Keep an eye on him to make sure he doesn't go anywhere of course. And keep the area calm, calm sounds, calm music, anything. Don't go running around screaming in front of him lol. ANd yeah its about 3-4 hours depending on the person (what kind of schwag are you 1 hour people buying lol).

Caroline C
lik an hour dependng on the weed

Usally only about and hour or so . he might of got weed that was laced alot of people these days lace the weed . he was only coughing because it was buring his lungs also when you cough it make you high fasster for somereason ?

Well, I'd say there was something else in it! Marijuana doesn't do that to you.

You don't talk down a bad trip. He can't take the anxiety because he knows it is wrong and he probably realizes he could end up with marijuana laced with something else. Don't smoke and the trip and the anxiety won't happen. I hope everything works out okay for your friend.

I high from this varies from person to person and not to mention the type of marijuanna you use. If some one is having a bad trip the best thing to do is reassure them they are in a safe place and keep the surrounding as safe as you can for them. You wouldnt want them freaking out and hurting you or themselves.

dave s
prob last about 2-4 hours....
not that i know shhhhhhh !!!!!

Depends who you are, your weight, what kind of marijuana it is and how much you took.
Your friend has taken to much for his body.

Eating takes away the high. 2-4 hours for those with chronic pain or some other chronic illness.

One also needs to remember that marijuana for most people is illegal all the way around. Federally Illegal even for us with state medical marijuana cards. For some people THC stays in some peoples systems for 90 days. So hope you have no drug tests coming up.....

teresa h
a couple of hours,but never smoke withs omeone who is already a paranoid person or has any time of anxiety or depression..thier is a bideo on youtube or mysoace,where a cop and his wife smoke weed,and he calls 911,and tells them he thinks they are dying..its hilarious,he said he thought someone poisoned the weed..if u can try to find it..u will trip..jus tyoe in cop,overdose mariquana,and calls 911..if u cant find it..let me know,i will tyr to find it for u

Not long enough.

Some people just get too paranoid and get a lot of anxiety when from getting high. He shouldn't of inhaled so much. That's pretty dumb. Depending on the quality of the marijuana it does usually last about 2-4 hrs. I know I freaked out one time and my friend had to keep bringing me back to reality cause I thought they had planned a conspiracy against me. Yeah pretty crazy. If you are not around the right people and they are only freaking you,yeah you're gonna get a bad trip.

Jaimee H
well usually 3 hours but it was just really strong or it was laced, the coughing is normal. its burning your lungs. just give him alot of food and it will wear off promise.tell him hell be fine.like I said alot of food!!!

Just Bein' Me
Your friend is alergic to it. He will be OK but he needs to not smoke it anymore. It will make him sick everytime. I tried it in High School years ago and it did the same thing to me. It usually doesn't last very long.

How long does it last ?? Dude, You mean it ends ? Oh No !!

tell them to stop worrying, playfully, watch a silly movie, get them to think of happy crazy silly stuff

people are paranoid before they really get used to smoking

and it really depends on how much you smoke and whether or not you really try to be straight

question mark
There are those who cannot handle the anxiety that it causes them.My advise is don't use it if it's freaking you out.

What he described happend to me every time i smoked it i never got a high of it although i smoked it for quite a time. It caused my heart to go very fast and it was unpleasant but it made me mentally ill and i kept smoking it nearly every day, Ive been off it over six years now.

Sgt Big Red
Wow man, like far out, your dude friend sounds like he needs to stay in his room and chill.
How long does a buzz last, man, that's up to who grew your weed. If you like bought a nickle bag or something from one of those corner rats, like man you got taken.


the way people respond to the effects of marijuana varies like night and day.. the best thing to do for someone who is having a 'bad trip' is to sit them down and have them breathe deeply... in and out.. and tell them thats going to make them calm down and relax and that everything is going to be all right... it really does work wonders..

and all you people who don't burn, stop answering these types of questions with "don't use it.. its illegal...bla bla bla..." get a life and answer questions that pertain to you

The high definatally won't kill him.. weed has never been a know cause of death. But I do know ppl who get ill off of it. They get really dizzy, and throw up. But that's the absolute worst that could happen. Don't give him too many munchies if he's feeling ill... best thing to do... let him PASS OUT!

Marijuana doesn't cause bad trips. It's not a hallucinegen. It's possible to feel sick if one didn't eat well, or if it's too hot, etc. A high can easily last two hours. There's different types of weed that cause different effects, and a different high. Shwag, (there'll be seeds) makes you really tired, and you may have to smoke a lot more than that of mid grade, or nug. There's different breeds of nug(no seeds, smells and looks much better). Nug has a more intense high. You also have to be careful because some people will lace the weed. Lace is like putting something else into the bag like coke (chronic) or any other powder. If this happens it is a completely different buzz because it's not just weed anymore, but a different more potent drug. Coughing happens. Some people argue you get higher if you cough because you're expanding your lungs causing more smoke to get into your lungs and more room to circulate through your body. If you think someone is having a bad trip you should always try to relax them and make them think about something else a little more pleasant. It's sometimes a good idea to also remind them that they are on drugs and should remember that not everything is real. People should always have someone of sane mind helping them throughout the night to ensure their safety and a good time. Hope some of this helps!

around 2-6 hours, Just tell him to relax keep him cool, give him munchies, mabey a video game, or you could also listen to some music.

lawania t
being a recovering puffer I would say 2- 4 hours depending on the quality

It depends on how strong the weed is and if it was mixed with anything and also how fresh it is makes a difference. As far as coming down that depends on the persons body, how much the weight and so one. There is nothing you can do to come down faster they will just have to ride it out.

Jennifer R
depends on how much you smoke

If it's your first time then I would suggest taking it more slow and not smoke more than one pipe full but I do not suggest using a bong or a joint/blunt for new users if you are weary of how you will feel. The longer you hold it in and the more you cough, the more you will get high and have a higher chance of getting anxiety or paranoid. New users can find the experience overwhelming and can sometimes hate it. That is because they did too much at a time without past experience. It's just like alcohol, you have to gain up your tolerance if you aren't sure you can handle a massive overload of mental stimulation.

You really can't have a bad trip with marijuna other than getting paranoid. I suggest using it in a safe enviroment with people that will understand or have used it a lot in the past. Also, just take your time and embrace every mass of smoke you inhale because the more you smoke, the more you feel. But there is a peak to your highness with certain types of weed. I suggest starting out with more cheap dirt weed than rich green hairy nuggets. Cheaper weed will less likely make you feel negative.

WHEN I MARRIED JUANA it only lasted a Week`?

Ugh, just Don't smoke it, avoid the whole mess.

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