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How exactly does a person die in a fire?
You often hear about people dying in fires, and the fact that there were no smoke alarms is almost always a factor. So do they die in their sleep of smoke inhilation, or what? I mean, does the smoke keep them asleep? Or do the flames reach them causing them to wake up and freak out?
I've always wondered...

Justin F
They burn to a crisp, duh.

CAST ME!!!!!!!!!!!ACTING
they burn to there death duh like if you left a pice if toast in the toaster duh why do you even want to know kind of wierd not to be mean

Yeah, it's smoke inhalation.

They pass out first, then they die of asphyxiation before they burn.

(I'm sure there are exceptions, though....)

wrong justin, they always die of smoke inhalation. the smoke reached them and chockes them to death way before the flames reach them. you can only go a couple of minutes at best without oxygen before you pass out, and the brain can only go less than 10 minutes without oxygen before it dies. the flames are irrelevant in a firey death.

Im guessing the smoke knocks them out and then they burn to death.

It probably happens pretty fast, if they are lucky :), if you inhale smoke u fall unconcious or you can get cought up in fire. Other then that everything probably depends on factors like air flow.

For the most part they are overtaken by smoke inhalation first if they are in a confined area without ventilation, not to mention overcome by heat as well.... most are presimabley dead before the fire actually touches them. If it is in an open space like a field or somewhere and the person catches fire, then they burn like anything on the barbeque would, from the outside in... if they do make it out of that alive, they have to battle fluid loss and shock which takes about half of the surviving burn victims. Hope that answers your question some.

I am a firefighter on duty right now. They either die in there sleep or awake trying to escape. The smoke is called a super heated gas, and if you breath one breath you start choking and pass out and die. The smoke generated in a fire is highly toxic and a very quick killer. The flames burn people after they have died from the smoke. Unless they are trapped in a car from an accident that caused a fire

It is most common for people asleep to die without waking. Most people who die in fires die from either the toxic smoke,or from the particles in the smoke coating their lungs so they suffocate. Very few people die from the heat or flame.

Jeremy P
Sadly, it's often the smoke inhalation.

most die of smoke inhalation.

Ramon R
Ussually they die asphixiated by the smoke before they can feel the burn. A person who is awake if does not move away from the smoke can die in a matter of minutes. But first people loose conciousness.

Inhaling too much smoke can make a person black out....well the rest I'll leave to the imagination

There are possiblities. One of them is choking from the smoke. Another is that their body catches fire and causes their internal organs to burn and of course they will die.

People die in fires (possibly) due to carbon monoxide poisoning. Carbon monoxide is released in the fire, and when its inhaled, it replaces the oxygen in your lungs, slowly suffocating you. So either you are asleep when you start inhaling it, of the lack of oxygen puts you to sleep, but either way, you die. (There are also those people that do catch fire and die due to severe burns, but I think that happens less often.) The same gas (carbon monoxide) comes out of car exhaust.

Usually they die from the smoke.

Ben Z
Their are many ways to die in a fire The number one way is from smoke inhalation or lack of oxygen. If you are too close to a big fire with no way out you burn to death from the heat and flames.

No, they usually wake at the sound or smoke, unless they are severely intoxicated. There is hardly way you wouldn't wake eventually.

usually it is from smoke inhalation before actual burning.

I think it is a smoke factor more than anything... think about a campfire and how much smoke it produces when it first starts it will suffocate anyone sitting too close to it... and usually the person who is sitting in the pillar of smoke will scoot around the fire to get away. Now imagine that campfire being your house, alot more smoke and you are boxed in, you don't know if outside your door a burst of flames is waiting to come on in... people freak out when they are trapped and hyperventilate causing them to breathe more rapidly and deep. Plus smoke from a fire is alot more toxic than your average campfire. You can die from lack of Oxygen in the air or carbon monoxide...

They usually die of smoke inhalation

As they inhale the smoke it damages the lungs decreasing its abillity to properly pass oxygen into the person. I imagine as the pain in their lungs increases they begin to wake up only to pass out shortly thereafter due to asphyxiation basically.

Princess Leia
Some people wake up and try to get out, but there is just too much smoke that they cannot help breathing it in before they can get out and they die of smoke inhallation. Children see the smoke and flame and try to hide instead of trying to get out. Drunk people may stay asleep too long until the smoke and flame becomes too much & overcomes them, then they are so drunk that they are too uncoordinated & confused to find their way out.. Some people stay in the building too long trying to save family members, pets, or possessions. Some people's only entranceway is blocked by flames. Disabled or elderly people sometimes cannot move fast enough to get out in time.

It's sad, but I hope I answered your question for you.

Lil's Mommy
Asphyxiation is the main cause of death in a fire. Fire takes the oxygen out of the air, which in turn makes more carbon monoxide and other toxic gases. Inhaling carbon monoxide can cause loss of consciousness or death within minutes.

most often, there lungs fill with smoke and heated air.

James I
usually die of smoke inhalation. otherwise, it's a slow roast. not pleasant.

smoke asphyxiation(or something close to that) they don't even know they are burning.

Dick P
Everything in our lives that gives us comfort, such as wall to wall carpet, soft furniture, etc. can kill us in a fire. As the fire begins and items start to smolder they start to give off poisonus gasses. Carpets are full of Nylon which is a form of plastic, burning plastic is highly toxic, you also get carbon monoxide from the burning/smoldering. In the event you are asleep when the fire starts, a smoke alarm will pickup these small traces of particulates before they become deadly and alert you. Unfortuneately if you do not have a working smoke alarm then these poisonous gasses start to build and fill the house, building , office, etc. As you breath these in the gasses start to effect your body, and in most cases the person dies in their sleep before the fire gets to them.
I had a friend in High School who died holding onto his brother when they woke up to find their house on fire. Their bodies were found near the window but they didn't make it. The fire was caused by a short in the bathroom light fixture. They didn't have a working Smoke alarm.
They died but didn't burn, but dead is dead.

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