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How do you replace the boredom you get when you stop drinking.?
I've tried a couple of times, but the boredoms a real killer.

You don't have to stop. Just water down all the daily dosage and drink that all day. Let the party never stop.

wtf ! who said the only joy of life was drinking?
there are a hell lot of activities for you out there to do
you can excersice.. read.. join activists groups that support particular causes.. you can do yoga.. you can RUN.. you can CLEAN YOUR HOUSE.

Mike V
Doesn't sound like you have much of a life.

and socialize

what interests did you have before you started drinking? its difficult but you have to keep your self busy, try studying something a local college course will do wounders for your confidence and keep you busy and motivated. eventually you will learn to enjoy your own time.

I stopped drinking once for about 2 years, not for any real reason it was just because... I never found myself bored, in fact there were better things to do on a weekend, I found I got closer to my family and made a lot of new friends.

It obviously depends on what kind of drinking you're talking about, if you feel you are completely dependent on drink then I am unqualified to answer your question. If you mean that you are planning on giving up social drinking then perhaps replace the nights at the pub with nights out to the cinema or go to concerts, sporting events etc.

Hope all goes well whatever the situation.

I drink too and am terrified of being bored when I stop. I like to drink during activities that I love too (like painting and watching movies) Learning how to draw or paint may help. Good Luck!!!

Be happy that u stopped drinking.


Isnt is obvious you get on YA!

FInd non drinkers to hang out with. Get a pair of roller blades and meet people that way.

Try exercising!

It will eventually change your body chemistry and it will be fun and challenging.

Other activities could also help; get a hobby you like, get interested in something new, different, a language, dating, art, paint yur house, get a dog.... whatever tickles your fancy and makes you happy.

Get new friends too and change routines when possible.

you know im right
go to sleep

Elric of Melniboné
You come on here!!

eat, shopping, sleep, chat with friends, surf internet, read a book, watch tv, play Xbox / Wii etc

quitting drinking is like loosing a good friend. i know, i quit drinking 20 yrs ago. i had to develop other interests/hobbies to keep me busy so i wouldn't start drinking again. i went to dances and picnics where no alcohol was allowed. after a long while the boredom want away along with the urge to drink

get addicted to yahoo Q&A, but that might drive you back to drinking.

stay on the computer and drink coke or orange

Take up a new hobby, something physical that will keep you busy and exhaust you. When you're home, try reading a book, watching movies or building something.

Baby Dolls
~JJPP, whatever his name is, has no clue. If you're bored from not drinking, you're an alcoholic. I've been there, done that. It was about 20 years ago for me too, I remember the boredom.
All the friends you had drank too, so you don't have them anymore.
Take one day at a time. I got a new boyfriend and played bingo. Getting a pet is a good idea. You're lucky, at this day and age, we have computers.
Go to AA meetings to remind you of why you quit drinking. If you're serious about quitting drinking, email me. Maybe we can chat? :)
You can do it, don't give up!~

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