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How do you get wax out of your ear? I can't hear out of one ear?

hello, pls whatever you do don't shove anything like a cotton bud down your ear, you can damage your hearing by forcing things into ur ear to dislodge wax. ur best bet is to purchase some liquid which will help to dislodge the wax (your chemist can help) or go to the doctor who has a similar liquid which will help to dislodge it first.

boil water and fill bathroom sink place towel over your head and cover the boiling water the steam will Loosen the wax build up and it will drain.

some people have luck w/Hydrogen Peroxide several drops in ear until bubbling stops then let drain and clean w/q-tip

Debrox will get wax out, and is over the counter solution you get at the drug store, but it's expensive. Otherwise, Hydrogen Peroxide will do the trick.

if you cant go to the doctor to get them cleaned out, there are these candles you can buy at any health food store or alternative medicine store that you burn into your ear and it draws out the wax. but you need someone there to help you it seems nasty but it works.

Need an answer
If you cannot hear out of the ear, then you have a buildup of hard wax on your eardrum. DO NOT USE A Q TIP in your ear! That just pushes the wax deep and helps to compact it.

Plain old Hydrogen Peroxide is good to clean the ears, but will probably not help in your case. The hardened wax will not come out. You need to see a doctor and he will get it out.

You could damage your ear and possible lose hearing in the ear permanently if you don't seek medical attention.

If it's impacted, and it sounds like it is, your general practitioner can dig it out. Don't try it yourself, they have special tools and techniques. You don't want to damage yourself permanently.

Hydrogen Peroxide.

Pour a little in your ear. You will hear a bubbling sound as it dissolves the wax buildup. When it stops bubbling, tip your head, place your ear on a towel and let it drain.

Kris B
At most drug stores they sell products which help flush out the wax, also at some spas they do what is called ear candling, which works awesome it cleans all the wax build up, just be careful on a windy day as your ears will be sensitive they may put cotton swabs in after it is done-- Hope this helps!

There are OTC products at your local drug store. just ask someone in the pharmacy and they can help you out

Yeah, the wax candles are great, from health food stores.

A couple of ways come to mind:
1) go to a doctor and have the ear flushed
2) use debrox for a couple of days to soften the wax and it will come out on it's own
3) same deal with Hydrogen Peroxide (but that's harder on your skin).

The sell products at the drugstore that will remove wax. If that doesn't work go to an ENT, an ear, nose and throat specialist.

poke it out

the proper way is a warm oil poured in like camphour but most folks use hyrogen peroxide and pour it in and let it bubble and then lean ove and drain do it several days a couple times a day and when in the shower let the warm water i that ear and then clean the water out with a tissue or q-tip

Aunt Weway
I have to go to the dr. cause I can't get water in my ears.
They stop up and get infected. I even have to wear earplugs in the shower.

Q tip but i think its true {SOME white people don't clean their ears


I mean my friends i can't stand looking in their ears

huh? what did you say, i am trying to get the wax out of my ear

Get a Q-tip, dip it in baby oil and smear it out

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