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How do legless people go to the bathroom?
I'm not even sure how it's anatomically possible.... I know it's not the most... pleasant of questions, but this is killing me. Also, I wasn't sure which category to put this question in, so I just chose general health.

Thank you in advance...
Additional Details
HBC: Wow, you sounded extremely brainless and rude, there! This is a perfectly reasonable question which I asked with much curiosity. If that's all you had to say, then you didn't have to say it. Do something else with your time, if you can! Thanks.

Ethiopia's Smile
you arent suppose 2 know

cuz i cant answer it

In diapers, I suppose.

You obviously have too much time on your hands to think of something so "anatomically" stupid. Go find something constructive to do, better yet, GO volunteer at a hospital and find out how.

...and this is why America has the highest rate of high school drop outs...

do stupid girls matter?

They would have something to hold on to. There's nothing funny or amusing about someones disability. : (

Do you really want to see what these people look like naked??? So its easier for you to visualize them going to the bathroom???

um, they still have reproductive organs. You dont pee out of your leg. HAHA. but they probably have a hard time squatting... ok that was mean. Sorry!

tht's creepyyyy

Ms. Molly
good questions...probably diapers

Bipolar Birdy
I just saw a documentary about a legless guy, an Australian who travels and works as a minister and motivator to young people. I was kinda wondering the same thing, but he lives alone and does everything else for himself so I imagine he does that for himself too.

if you mean how they get their.

Most people have something to help them 24/7

They use something called a bath-chair, which looks like a toilet seat on a wheelchair frame, and this is then just positioned over the toilet.

Double Dachshunds Owner
I believe they sit on the toilet as you and I do. They would hoist themselves from their wheelchairs onto the toilet and urinate.

Being handicapped, they will probably have a bar to hold onto, if necessary, installed alongside the toilet, much like those you see in public restrooms.

Usually an amputee has a portion of the leg left. This would serve to balance them as they sit.

That's what the bar is for in the handicapped stalls.
I mean, you can do everything you need to do while sitting down, so I could bet that's the least of their worries.

i don't know. it's something i've never really thought about before!

Most "legless" people at least little stumps, so obviously it is physically possible. I think it probably depends, but my guess is diapers.

* tree HUGGER*
haha well they can do alot of things with there hands, or the get fake legs, maybe someone helps them, but i mean they still have there body part where you um yano go...lol

well, i'm sure that they go through alot of trouble but i think they have special toilets....and if you're really old, somebody would probably assist you and the same goes for children. but an average person, they may have like a seat that you set on and it props you up to where you don't fall in. it would be very diffucult but just keep this in mind :don't get your legs cut off and you wont have to find out.....

kk, hope i helped your wondering mind......

you hit for the strange question of the day

Andrew S
just because they don't have legs, doesn't mean that they don't have all the normal parts that are in that region. I'd imagine they have those handicapped bars on both sides of the toilet and they just sort of hoist themselves up there. I'm sure all the bits and pieces work the same

they still have all the parts that a male/female would have....they just dont have legs.

if you mean how would they sit down to go to the bathroom...well they probably have handicapped seats...im sure legless people would still have part of their thigh

As far as transport is concerned they would use a wheel chair, crutches or someone else's help. Once seated on the "Pot" there is no reason a legless persons bodily functions would be any different then yours or mine. You did say "legless". One would assume that legless implies the individual has a normal digestive tract with associated intestines, urethra and anal canal etc. Someone who is born without the aforementioned attributes would, no doubt die shortly after birth unless assisted by medical aids such as colostomy bags etc.

One can not have legs and still have the necessary parts of the excretory system. If they don't have the parts, then it's a colostomy bag etc.

Shane C
they hold on to bars on the side of the toilet and lift themselves over the seat.

james o
When a person has a disability such as the one you mention, they often get specialized training in how to take care of all sorts of things you and I take for granted.

Things such as going to the bathroom, getting into and out of wheelchair or a bed (called transferring), taking care of personal hygiene, etc. are all taught under the subject called "activities of daily living." You've probably heard of ADLs, as in doing your ADLs or taking care of ADLs. That is what it refers to.

Every person has limitations and strengths. The folks who teach the individual how to do these things have been doing this for some time, and they have a whole set of techniques for getting the job done. These include basic common sense, some unknown tricks, and of course assistive devices.

Hand rails in the bathroom are the most obvious. They help a person get onto and off the Pot without needing assistance from another person (very important), and some things such as the downward tilted mirror make it possible for a person in a wheel chair to primp just like the rest of us in the lavatory.

It may surprise you to learn that the legless person has a lot less problems than some other disabilities, such as the person missing arms, the quadriplegic, etc. But there are techniques for helping all of these people to be able to be in the world in as normal a way as possible.

That was a very good question, actually.

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