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How do I clean my system out after smoking marijuana really fast like in 6 days?

Sorry buddy. THC remains in your system for atleast 30 days. You are out of luck.

ummm... maybe u shouldnt have done it in the first place wise guy.

Lori K
You can't. A urine test might come back clean---maybe...the other tests will come back dirty.

chris m
sorry lots of rumors.....no real foolproof way. two weeks to 30 days depending on the use level and metabolism and body weight.

People are feeding you a load of crap and plugging stupid products. THC is fat soluble. It is put into your body fat by your body and it stays there for a while. No tea or anything else is going to get it out.

What did you do, come home from the Army or Navy or something, and are gonna get tested when you get back? Dude, just drink a ton of water the whole day your gonna get tested, and maybe your urine will be so diluted nothing comes out of ol' wanky except pure water. Don't overdo it though, you could give yourself water toxicity.

It's a long shot.

You can't do it. There are a lot of "home remedies" people like to believe in, like drink vinegar, Grapefruit Juice, things like that. But it does not work, traces illegal drugs will always be in your system when you take them.
I do have one remedy for next drug test..........STOP SMOKING!!!!!

sorry, you can't do it. They will know. As long as you make bad choices, it will become evident to all.

Drink pints & pints of orange juice & water. Though i cannot garuentee it will definately work

Drink alot of water. I know that I have smoked just a little and taken drug test hours later and passed. For whatever reason I always seem to pass drug tests even if I shouldn't. My twin brother tho, if he smokes at all, his test always comes back positive. It really depends on the person. As for the whole metabolisim thing, I think that's crap because my twin brother has almost the same build as me, the only difference is that he is a guy and like an inch taller.

GNC has a product...not sure how fast it works

go to your gnc store....get these pills call Golden Seals....take one every hour on the hour..with plenty of water...that will work...i got job doing that....it don't cost much less then $10 dollars....when your unrine is very clear (like water)...your system is clear.....or drink awhole bottle of vingar....then drink a gallon of water.......

there is a tea that you can use.

It is called Smooth Move by Traditional Medicinals

Go to any drug store and get a bottle of Niacin. It will make you feel really flush like you have a sunburn. Also, drink plenty of water with it this will reduce the sunburn feeling.

You can either buy one of those drinks that cleanses your system for 4-8 hrs after you drink it (purchase at GNC) for like 40 bucks. Also, it depends on how often you smoke, if this is the first time you smoked in a few months, you can drink plenty of water, Cranberry juice, and Green Tea and stay active (a good sit in the sauna will help) to get it outta there within a week. But if you smoke alot, it usually take 2-5 weeks to get clean, but if you buy the drink you can pass a drug test. Good luck!

Brandon P
drink a **** load of water

Not that i condone the use of drugs but, if you drink Goldenseal tea like over a gallon per day for three days then you will pee clean and next time "just say no"

ha,well...there are these pills called black carbon(or medical carbon) ,which in fact are carbon,and they help you in getting toxins out of your body.
they are used for intestinal problems(if they ask you what you need it for - stomach problems) and for heroin cleaning, cuz carbon absorbs toxins and other things because of it's large surface and i suppose you can buy them at the pharmacy store..
follow the instructions for dosing..and drink a lot(like really huge amounts) of water so if you have a test coming up you'll dilute your urine..
and of course, exercise wouldn't be bad, so you sweat things out.
p.s. your excrement will be black while taking the pills cuz the carbon is well, black..nothing to worry about.
good luck.

youre a smart one...i can tell. go to your local co-op grocery (natural foods). they will have a detox tea...make sure there is no Goldenseal in it. make a huge batch of this tea and drink it all....like 2 gallons. youll pee out the thc. in the future, making better choices usually keeps you out of trouble. hmmmm.

Go to a nutrition store that sells vitamins, supplements, etc. Like a GNC. Buy a bottle of Test Pure. Follow the instructions carefully. Start drinking lots of fluids now to flush out your system. You drink the Test Pure about an hour before your test.

dunno mate best bet drink lots of water and fruit juice do loads of exercise sweat it out that's what i do when I've been munching load's E's and drinking hope that's some help

You shouldn't smoke idiot. However, you can try drinking like a gallon of grape juice. That worked for my friend. Basically drink a lot of juice!

Caution: This only works if its a urine test, but your system will be clean within 48 hours. If your doing a hair test, you're royally screwed.

Charles H
eat a bunch of feta cheese and run a garden hose up your butt.

this might help.


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