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How can i improve my child's IQ?

Brian L
Introduce your child to the joy of reading. Find books that are both fun and require him to do a little work to learn some of the words.

ganesh g
watch TV IQ regular & News paper general knowledge book
hard work

sharma h
Child should be given inputs about mental power(By good values of Knowledge), talking flow (to say truely)& acting in the order of right ways.

sridhar padaki
dear mam / sir

1: take him / her outings regularly away from home / computer / junk foods.
2: make him / her to touch and feel the nature available things
3: make to use both his/ her side of body to make the things eg. throw ball with both hands, comb hair alternately, etc

avoid easily helping electronics for calculations , explain the family tree, relations etc

these are the things which sharpens the brain and keeps it focust to observe the new things and remember the observed naturally improving the IQ.

sanya bajaj
Its hereditary...........So if yours was improved your childs also was improved!!!

listen to music therapy cds by dr mythly

play british foot ball.

let him/her learn to play chess

Let your child listen mp3 english learning CD's.
Let your child listen to mp3 books.
Let him use a computer.

well.........hello????......... you really cant improve nyone's IQ as it is one those heriditory things wich v get from our parents!!!!
u can make ur child read more so dat s/he can increae his/her horizon of knowledge bt u cant increase his/her IQ.
it is said dat IQ is d averagre sum of both the parents' IQ
many intelligent ppl hav low IQ .........itz cuz of d fact dat they read more or i shud say study more!!!

Bow Hunter
Have him/her read.


sharmada m
by telling him to concentrate

you give him brain gym . its sort of exercises to activate nervous systems

tanuj g
man jus let him develope into a "healthy personality".the scientific definition of a healthy personality is..1)people who are open to experience vividly and SELFLESSLY with full conc and absorption.
2)they are in tune with with their inner feelings.that is they are true to themselves
3)they are spontaneous,independent,devoted to their goals and wanna be the best
4)they are devoted to a cause outside themselves selflessly
5)they relate to a very few at a very deep emotional level
6)resist confirmity and do not beleive in rigid heirarchy...democratic in their thinking and beleive in universal brotherhood
so provide your child a supportive environment and teach him truth devotion and the ability to get happiness from his work

IQ mainly based on environment & genes.
we can only do that , give him better environment.

we have, UCMAS & AlOHA the brain development centres so u make him join .

Let him do whatever he does , watch and if he is wrong just guide him how to deal with. Mostly, we always disturbs don't do that don't do this or only
work like this & that.
Give him so many books, educational games CD / VCDs and let him select what he wants to play, or read . I 've 5 yrs. old son, I simply do that I start to read books , I start to play Harmonium, and in beginning he simply watched me but now he tells me mamma , give me my books or mamma i want to play music .
If i tell or try to convince may be, he 'll not be ready to read or play so i think, it works better.

Now a days, EQ is also more imp. as well as IQ that Emotional Quotient so also insist for it. how to care,how to love for others and it also helps us to make our house 'Home'.

Siby K
u not able to improve ur child's IQ. The child can improve his/her IQ anyawy

there r so many books available on IQ
or join him some good classes.
let him watch geogrphy channel,animal planet.etc.

ashok g
daily communication with my child


Suthern R
The simple answer is...You can't...IQ is of course short for Intelligence Quotient and is the natural born ability of an individual to figure things out. Many times people confuse IQ with education or level of intelligence and they are not the same. It is said that an IQ test given to a six year old will have the same results as that same person taking an IQ test 20 years later. Have you ever noticed that they always ask age when taking IQ tests? You can certainly raise your child's education and ability to learn, but not IQ.

doctor asho
let him/ learn to play chess

if you want to improve your child's iq than you have to become his/her best friend you have to treat him as a friend not as a parents if he /she wants to play you have to play with him & if you want him to teach a lesson than you have to be a student.
matlab sidhi si baat baccho ke sath baccha bano.

1) listen her/him patiently and answer to her/his questions.
2) watch television alongwith kids, especially the channels like discovery, animal planets, quiz programmes of various channels.
3) occassional outing with kids-organize multipurpose tours.
4) allow/encourage kids for participating in various programmes at school as well as at other neighbourhood clubs etc

Whatever IQ you have come to your child. Before giving birth increase your IQ First

My son he is in 2nd class, when, I said to study, do your homework, he always refuse. He don't study with interest.

LUK DEAR, its up to you.you can read outer magazines to improve your knowledge.through this you can think more, so you can improve your I.Q

Most people are shocked when they are told that increasing their cognitive abilities is possible. It was once thought that mental capabilities were set in stone, unchanging since birth. But much of what we know about the mind has changed since then, particularly in the last 10 years. Research has found that there are many factors playing even larger roles in IQ. For example, someone with ADD, properly treated, can experience huge leaps in IQ score, sometimes up to 30 or more points! Similarly, removing psychological barriers, limiting beliefs and increasing confidence can have a huge impact on cognitive abilities.

Brain Training - Brainwave and Neural Stim

A typical human brain is functioning on low capacity. Although the idea that a normal brain only uses 10% of its capacity is a myth, most people's brains are not functioning properly. For example, studies show that the brains of many people, when confronted with a problem, will actually switch gears and start working less! Instead of switching to logic and "work mode", the brain switches to patterns of frustration and emotion. Most people have simply not learned to "turn on" these higher cognitive abilities when the time is right. Most people are unfamiliar with the states of intense concentration and laser-like focus that come so easily to the great thinkers of our time.

To correct this problem, researchers endeavored to recreate the brainwave patterns of overachieving, successful individuals - the most intelligent 1% of the population. What they found is truly remarkable. By helping to optimize brainwave patterns, people can both temporarily increase cognitive abilities and train the brain to produce this activity on its own.

Click here to learn more about brainwaves and brain training.

Using Psychology, Mental Imagery & Suggestion

Psychology, emotional state and Hypnotic Suggestion have also been shown to effect cognitive abilities. Hypnotic suggestion has also been successfully used to increase memory retention and focus. Further, most people have limiting beliefs, thinking perhaps that they are incapable of incredible feats of memory or complex mental calculations. For example, a common limiting belief is "I am not good at math." And, of course, as long as you believe this, nothing will keep your mind from making it true. It is just as important to provide a psychological basis for increased intelligence, as it is to provide the necessary neural activity. Using Suggestion and a set of practical Psychological techniques, this goal becomes easier than ever to achieve.

The Research.

In a 1999 study, Thomas Budzynski, Ph.D worked with 8 struggling college students. After undergoing audio-visual brainwave stimulation, the students outperformed a control group and significantly increased their GPA. GPA for the 8 students continued to rise even after treatment was discontinued!
Psychologist Michael Joyce used brainwave entrainment with a group of 30 children. He observed improvements in reading and a half year advancement in grade level as well as substantial improvements in attention, reaction and a reduction in impulsivity and variability.
Harold Russel Ph.D. and John Carter, Ph.D., of the University of Houston, did several studies in which they used brainwave entrainment to treat ADHD and other learning disorders, testing their IQ before and after treatment. Astonishingly, after treatment the subjects showed a 5 to 7 point increases in IQ score.
Michael Tansey used a similar protocol to treat dyslexia and other learning disorders, reporting a 19 point average increase in IQ score post-treatment.
Drs. Siegfried and Susan Othmer found that neurofeedback brainwave training in the 15-18 Hz range can produce significant shifts in IQ score, particularly with people who are suffering from ADD/ADHD and other disorders. In cases where the starting IQ value is less than 100, the average IQ increase was 33 points! They also found significant improvements in memory, reading and arithmetic. In a one year follow-up, trainees showed major improvements in self-esteem, concentration and self-expression.
Further Reading...

Intelligence is not set in stone. Disorders like ADD and Dyslexia can have a very negative impact on IQ score. So can Depression, Anxiety and other mood disorders. Limiting beliefs, low self-esteem and a lack of motivation can also have a negative impact. These problems bog down your mental processing, and in some cases even cause the brain to work less when you need it most (above), out of frustration and emotion.

Using multiple methods, both psychological and neurological in nature, it is possible to change the brain and have a positive impact on cognitive abilities.

Improving an IQ is not really a possibility in the truest sense, IQ, or intelligence quotient rates the mental age of a child in proportion to chronological age. This is really more of a natural/genetic condition. However, you can affect your childs chances for academic success by encouraging learning in your home, by reading, turning off the tv once in a while, taking your child to museums, zoos, and other educational activities that will get him/her excited about learning

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