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How can I remove roll-on and perfume stains on my clothes?

You might have to try to go to the dry cleaners. That might help.


Get a small bit of soap on a wet cloth and wipe gently, rinse and then repeat. It's no big deal, believe me friend.

Only way i ever did, and i'm a mechanic...beleive it or not!!.......WD40

try baking soda

Try a bar of good Ole faction ivory soap.
if it can take dried blood out of cloth it should take
out perfume and roll-on stain.
my granddaughter got a bloody noose at school last year
when she got home the blood had dried on her white blouse
all i had in the house was ivory.it cane out and no one could tell it was ever stained.

throw it away, i mean ur clothes

shout might work

You can try spray and wash, if its colored clothes, then use oxyclean with bleach, put the bleach in first use only half of a half-cup of bleach (1/3) that will definitely clean it up but you got to be careful and don't use too much bleach or you will mess up you clothing.

Just Q
If you still sweat alot after applying deordorant which by the way only masks body smell. . .hence de-ordor-ant,you are actually kinda washing the stain in with your own body sweat. . salt.
Try using the clear gels now on the market.
Now as far as perfume stains goes,they have dyes in them that give them the color that they have. . .mainly for marketing reasons.
Try to spray the perfume directly onto your skin and let it dry before putting your clothes on. . .I have learned this the hard way.
Products like Oxy Clean and Spray and Wash might work but I try to avoid the whole situation to begin with. . .an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

Try washing in warm water with detergent and a colour safe bleach if the fabric will take it. If it's more delicate, try Sunlight Bar Soap. Wet the area and rub the soap onto the spot. Leave for a few minutes, then rinse and launder as usual.

water and dish clothe my friend wiped deoderant on my clothes and it cameoff

Try regular dawn dish detergent,it's blue in a white bottle.It worked for me.

Male Sicilian Trauma Nurse
good question i wish i knew.

S S Makesh
Use Detergent or Dry wash one time or Bleaching water.
any use carefully.

kerosene should work

white vinegar these kids here are nuts jeez

Anyone else heard of hair-spray?


tomato juice

Try the new Tide Pen it worked so far on everything I've tryed it on.

try a detergent in a bag called ariel it is very good when treating stains

try Oxy Clean it will work i know that frome my own expirience.

try vanish soap bar

Saad S
Its a proven thing here in Asia where its so hot that you require excessive deoderizing agents, that using vinegar removes deoderant stains as well as residual odors which the deoderant leaves in the shirt.

The easiest solution to always keep handy is to mix vinegar and lemon juice (3 parts vinegar and 1 part lemon juice)in a half a liter container. Dip a cloth in the solution(cotton) and use over the affected area. Wash with water and remove any residue and leave to dry.

This stain remover works wonders with carpets as well. Particulary handy with stains which have a very strong odor.

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