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How can I get marijuana out of my system?

you shouldn't be doing it in the first place... : (

Goldenseal root tea and lots of water. Oh, and stop smoking it.

time. stop using it in the first place!

dont smoke it

There is a drink that you can get, there is a shampoo you can use for your hair, but the best way to get it out of your system is to stop smoking it.

Dont smoke it again

justin p
whats it doing there in the frist place?

drink lots of tea

ok here it is
cloves, spices, nutmeg, almond extract essece boil for about 5 mins let cool and refregrated drink lots


Elaine F
start by not using it and live clean

Delete THIS !!!
Stop smokin' it!! Duhhh!

Laura D
Mentally? Don't think about it.
Physically? Don't use it.

My dad ate my homework
every time someone says stop using it it gets a thumbs down hmm i wonder who does that DRUG ADDICT honestly dude STOP DOING IT GO TO REHAB AND LIVE YOUR LIFE ON THE CLEAR SIDE

Tony Lo
Try drinking a little apple cyder vinegar enjoy

C. T
Probably just gonna have to wait the 30 days or whatever...but why would you want it out anyway? haha

you just have to let it get out of your system there is nothing you can take that will hurry it out of your system. Give it about a day and it will be out of your system.

Only time will get marijuana out of your system. How much time depends on how much you smoked and how strong it was.

Here's an item from "How Stuff Works":

The initial effects created by the THC in marijuana wear off after an hour or two, but the chemicals stay in your body for much longer. The terminal half-life of THC is from about 20 hours to 10 days, depending on the amount and potency of the marijuana used. This means that if you take one milligram of THC that has a half-life of 20 hours, you will still have 0.031 mg of THC in your body more than four days later. The longer the half-life, the longer the THC lingers in your body.

JohnT has the best answer so far. I remember when I was younger, when AHEM people were looking for that "quick flush" before a drug test. My answer is pretty much the same boring one as everyone elses with one addition. Think of WHY you want the stuff out of your system. If you got that job, stayed out of trouble, or whatever the reason is you want to be cleaned out, is it worth quitting? Or would you rather not have the job, the money the girl, the freedom. Take it from a guy who's quit drinking, whatever you want is worth more than the pot yer smoking that might take it away.

Now let me ice my back, I strained it while standing on my soapbox, lol

When you find yourself in a hole, the first thing you want to do is stop digging.

don't smoke it

Well if you have like three or four days to spare then I would use a system cleaner. It will only work if you know when you will be tested though, if you do then two days prior you have to quit smoking and follow the directions on the package religiously. Other than that the only way would be to go about a month to a month and a half without smoking and you will be clean.

Stop smoking it.

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