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How bad does your room smell when you wake up?
what can i do about it?

David S
I always manage to drag myself into the bathroom when I have to pee at night.

Stop eating baked beans before going to bed...

Oh, and...wash your sheets once in a while!

Well, that is a mathematical question if I ever heard one.

My room's smell = the number of air biscuits I let out during the night divided by the circumference of the room - the # of windows open + the amount of a/c circulated in the room.

So, mathematically, the answer is "funky"

Spray stuff? Or put a plug-in there.

I noticed in your fake photo, you have brown hair.
This is the truth I swear it!!!
I and my son have very dark brown hair and when he gets up in the morning, his room smells greasy like dirty hair. He showers up every day and I usually wash his sheets weekly and his room still smells. His room smells like my dad smelled and like I smell if I don't shower before I go to bed.
We both have greasy skin which tans really easy. I think it has to do with something in our background or culture and genes. I have nursed for 11 years and smelled this odor on other pts with brown hair.
Wash your sheets often in some very hot water with good detergent used for colored clothes like Clorox for colors.
Shower before you go to bed and suds up your hair. Spray on some deoderant and cologn before you go to bed and I think your problem will leave.

Does not smell bad for me. Mabye you should change your sheets alot, clean your room up, shower before sleeping, give good ventelation to your room. (like keeping the room door open or a window)
Actually, my room sort of smelled bad once, but it turned out to be a lot of dust that was piled on top of the light bulb, which was sort of burning from the heat. Mabye you could try taking off dust on your lightbulb too.

It is cooler in mornings as I always open the window and sleep.

Use room freshers and open the windows when you are not in room. This will help to end the bad odor.

♥♫i luv♥♫juicy fruit♥♫gum
My room smells kind of funny when I wake up. It smells stale so I just spray air freshener to get rid of it! Maybe you should try doing that! Try putting some glad re-fills in your room!! The ones with the fans! That should work!

mine smells ok, coz i sleep with open windows:)

it depends what Ive been eating the night before if it was curry wow or pickled eggs mmm ,but if it was Italian with spices wow so the answer is variable from good to bad

Wash your sheets! Once a week, maybe more after a day you come to bed dirty from hiking or rock climbing or workout and you stink. Or if you haven't bathed. If you always have clean sheets, you should be fine.
Clean it often. Keep your clothes off the floor! Clean it often enough, vacuum the floor and dust the furniture. Do this once a week and you should be fine. Not only will you not stink, you'll start to smell good.
Don't worry about air fresheners. They stink too. Just keep your room clean and use cologne.



Why would your room smell when you wake up?

What are you DOING at night in there?

Maybe you've got gas or something? Your room should not stink if its clean.

depends on what i did the night b4

mine smells good.

better than yours,.....use some febreeze and WASH YOUR SHEETS.

What kind of smell? Your room should NOT smell badly when you get up!

First, it is possible that you have things in your room which are stale or dirty. Wash it all -- especially sheets and laundry.

Next, do you have carpeting? If so, when was it last cleaned? You can steam clean if you dry it properly -- otherwise the padding will mildew and stink.

Do you keep your room door open during the day and closed at night? If so, the problem may be poor ventilation. Household air handling systems generally only have one or two air intakes. The rooms all have vents but no returns. Your air circulation can drop dramatically therefore if you close your door. Try sleeping with the door ajar one night to see if that helps. If so, you can improve ventilation by removing the door, cutting an inch or so off the bottom and remounting it. This gives more space for air to get out, so more fresh air can be pumped in by the central heating/AC system.

First and foremost though, clean the space thoroughly and avoid allowing anything damp to sit in there!

I would say, leave your shoes and socks outside honey!

for the past 2 days my rooms has smeeled like fried chicken

shower be4 bed and dont fart to much while u sleep

Catherine R
My room smells fine - because I bathe..... lol

Turbot Face
depends how much Stella and Curry I consumed the night before!

bailey h
different every morning.

First...please know that I am not making fun of you. This is a serious answer. Sometimes while you sleep your breath can get so bad that it will cause your room to have an odor upon waking. It could be caused by sleeping with your mouth open or medical conditions as well. There are special mouthwashes on the market for morning breath...those may help. Also...perhaps you are sweating quite a bit in your sleep? That happens to my husband from time to time. If that is the case I don't have any suggestions but if you do I would love to hear them! Take care and please don't take all of the immature answers you're getting to heart. Some people just haven't grown up yet...and perhaps never will. It makes them feel good when others feel bad. I hope you have an amazing day!

What in the hell? Your room shouldn't smell bad, unless you did something in your sleep that you notice until the next morning!

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