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 Can any 1 tell me best exsercise for burning fat from my stomach?

 Heeeeeelp!!!i have to take a drug test tomorrow,but i smoke pot sunday,how do i pass it?
i barely ever smoke it but last weekend i did now tomorrow i have to take a test and i'm freaking out,and i dont know anyone with clean urine,please help,any ...

 Smoking, how do you feel about public bans?
i work in a bar and so i'm curious as to how banning smoking would hurt our business. i agree that people who do not smoke should be able to go out and enjoy a night without being around smoke ...

 Can Humans get bit by fleas??
Can people get bit by fleas and if you can how can u get them to go away.. And if you dont have any animals?? Can someone help me?????...

 Im getting drug tested for weed?
my mom is giving me a home urine drug test
it says you need three drops of urine

what can i do to pass?
anything i can use to spike it? help!...

 What is a fate worse than death?
Death alone is pretty crap and will spoil your day.
Additional Details
Some people need to lighten up and get a sense of humour....

 Is your second toe longer than your first? is it meant be like that?
My first toe is longer and i think thats how its supposed to be...but my friend ...

 Who else thinks this is very disgusting?
okay people who would take a shower... wash their butt and whoel entire body with hat rag and their privates. and the next morning use the same rag! for their face to wash their face!

i ...

 What are the dangers of sleeping with an electric blanket?
I sleep with an electric blanket on the highest setting every night in winter. I want to know if doing this is damaging my health
(And I don't have very much body warmth either so I use 3 ...

 I stopped smoking on monday, when will i feel like a human again?

 I'm turning 40 in just over a week, and I'm not looking forward to it. Does anyone have any comforting words?

Additional Details
Life begins at 40, huh. Not if you're John Lennon....

 How hard is it to quit smoking?
I'm planning on quitting starting Aug 21st. My reason is so i can live longer for my child, plus he has asthma and i don' t want the cigarette smoke in my clothes anymore when he breathes ...

 My dad is a smoker and WONT quit & refuses to believe smokings bad?
i cant convince him how bad it is for you.

he claims
that back when he was a teenager everyone smoked
and no one had these horrible lung conditions, no one
had asthma or ...

 What food will make you no longer constipated?

 Are you happy with your body? what is ur ideal body shape?

 How many tatoos do u have?

 What's a good way to treat mild depression without taking anti-depressants?

 Have you had a ciggarette today?
how many? or did you give up for national no smoking day?...

 Spitting up blood?
I'm really worried about my friend...the other day we were just sitting there andhe said his chest hurt and he had a weird feeling in his chest. He gets up and goes to the bathroom and when he ...

 Why is it that when people are sick they throw up? Why is throwing up so bad for you?
I know throwing up is bad for yuo because you dont get any of the nutrition in the food you ate.. but is there anything else bad?...

Hey how can i get my Virgina tight ?
how can i get it tight i heard somebody talk about it and i was wondering i might want to try it !

And youre from where.1.spell correctly2.what ever3.never ask again

Mar-Mar aka: Adam
You can't make Virginia tight.

Check those spelling errors, missy.

Matt D
Oh .... but wait,,.... Virginia belongs to all of us????

this is just a dumb question if you wanna get it tight i dont think you can but to keep it tight dont f**k a lot

your virgina?

you mean vigina

cosmetic surgery,,,,,,many people do it. it's suppose to make you feel like a virgin to your partner..

Nice accent.

1st u spell the word correctly...

then do some research on kegel exercises..i posted a link 4 you:


Well according to my calculations, Elmer's Glue would do the job.

Oprah says hi to your va jay jay.

a sewing machine works better than elmer's glue. you would need help though.

keogal exercises..not sure if the spelling is correct but basically, you use the same muscles you use to stop mid-pee. Just do that whenever you get a chance.

Dave S
why the f do you have a picture of a male for your profile.....kind of creepy asking questions like that

yeah and thanks for the 2 points.

Kay Kay
Virginia's a state yo!

virgina lol

walk to Virginia doing kegels! Or join a luge team.

Itachi cosplayer
uhhh.....last time i checked....you can't make a state "tight"

isabelle b
Are you seriouse? First you should learn how to spell it!!

Eduardo C
lol virgina haha thanks for a points if i knew ill tell u but i dont sorry

you have a virgina?
what's that...
other than a state..

have an op

Look up Kegel exercise and do it. It's all about your pelvic floor muscles and they are good to do all your life. You can't make yourself any smaller, but by toning your pelvic floor muscles you can "grab" better.

perseus(percy) Jackson : demigod
sorry thats a state

no hablo ingles

i guess you weren't born with a virginia slim. roflmao

honey, you'd probably have better luck looking for a well endowed man.

thanks for the chuckle.

Elizabeth M
Thanks for the laugh and the points. Do your Kegels and learn to spell.

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