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HELP!!! I accidentally swallowed half a toothpick. What should I do besides go to the doctor?
Thanx for your help


~katie~ΓΆβ„ΆΒ¥s CODY~!!!!
poop it out

Gabi ng Lagim
Just hope that it comes out point first and not sideways.

I wouldn't worry about it, as long as it's not as sharp as broken glass you should be fine. It will pass through your system in about a day.


Go watch that episode of House where the guy swallows a toothpick and look for any similar symptoms that you are having. Lol sorry that's the best advice i can give you
Go quickly!

Eden Rose
Nothing. Don't try to throw up to get it out, because you might hurt your esophagus. I like other people's suggestions of eating bread, though.

Relax. I've swallowed the end of a plastic fork before. It will probably come "out the back door" or it will come back up with spit or something and you will feel it. If you feel it's there, or you get worried or it's bugging you just call the doc's office and ask do you need to come in or does he/she have any advice. Good luck Don't worry!

If you are not having pain in your throat, you'll probably be ok. A bit of wood shouldn't hurt your stomach.

do not worry Avery thing will come out normally after 24 hrs.

eat bread and milk, like other people have said, and also go to the doctor.

my grandfather, who was a doctor, once told someone who had swallowed a bunch of gravel (i have no idea how) to soak cotton balls in milk and eat those....but that sounds pretty gross

eat ALOT of BREAD.
drink ALOT of WATER.

someone at my school swallowed a needle in skills for living and they went to the doctor and he said exactly that!

Nurse Susan
I don't want to scare you, but - GO to the DOCTOR!
People die every year of swallowed toothpicks - they can perforate the intestine.

Free Thinker
Eat some bread so it will surround the toothpick and help prevent it from doing any damage on the way out.


Gregoreo Maximo
dont be stupid next time

eat some bread to try to cushion it.

Betty Boop 19
drink chocolate milk, honestly.

i think you answered your own question...you should at least call a doctor

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