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Shawn K
Failed a drug test?
I failed a drug test at a Kroger store, and I was wondering what's going to happen? It tested positive for weed, it was a saliva drug test, I smoked weed the night before, and I didn't know I was going to have the test next morning so I fully cleaned my mouth with brushing and gargling, and drank a half gallon of water, still tested positive, What's next to expect? I'm not going to be hired am I? I really need this job.
Additional Details
Lola? LOL that is one of the stupidest things I've ever heard, no one can die from an overdose of marijuana. I don't even touch those other drugs.

Charles D
go ask the manager and say that its the same as drinking beer

NOPE you will not get hired. But next time drink a container of hot pickle juice the day before and I guarentee you you will never test positve again!!!

Jobs like that are a dime a dozen unless you are in management. Just find another store to work at, preferably one that does an easier to beat urine test - or better yet, find an job that doesn't pry into your personal life.

A Mac Named Tasha
Theres no way buddy. Cleaning out your mouth doesnt take away the THC in your bodies system. Some places though, acually DO hire even if you piss dirty with weed cause they assume that they cant find anybody who doesnt nowadays (almost 75 percent of the population does). . . I work at a weel known hospital in Oregon, and they hire with weed in the system.

Well stupid this is what happens to idiots who use drugs. They end up unemployed. Marijuana is still against the law. It impairs you mentally. No, you will not get the job. Do yourself a favor and knock off the drugs before you kill yourself with an overdose.

Stina Lady
Nope, you are not. Idiot.

expect to apply to another job...well that's one of the kroger's test...so failed is failed...but still think positive dude...you'll never know...but as of right now start applying for another job...don't waste u'r time....

your stupid ummm they can test it if it is in ur system dumbass


kristofer goodwin
your goin to burn B%tch!

David M
Nope, better apply elsewhere

mellowtime b
more than likely. most businesses are strict on first hiring. now, if u were there for a fair amount of time... they might cut some slack... best to hope for the best and expect the worst. this way u know its coming and u should have a plan B....

Fancy Pants
No you will not be hired.. did they call you and tell u that u did not pass?? If they have not called you it may have a chance.. but I would start looking for other jobs. It's OK.. I am sure something will come around. Stay Positive... Even if u have to stop smoking for a month, it'll be cool. Yeah drinking water will not help you, only time. Sorry :(

You won't be hired anywhere when you take their drug test and fail. It costs them money to administer and is a breach of trust from the start. When you consent to the test you are stating you are clean. If you fail, well they have the truth.

Doubtful you'll be hired. Not impossible, just not likey.

You probably won't be hired but nothing more than that. It's not like they're going to get the cops involved.

Je m'appelle Alyssa.
no, you will not get hired. get another job, and stop smoking weed!!!

Ya, you're not getting hired. Lots of places perform drug tests, if you really need a job, you might want to lay off the weed for a while.

You will definately not be hired.

You must not need a job too badly or you would refrain from any drug use.

Nope, you lost out on that job, sorry to say. As much as you say you needed that job, one would've thought you'd lay off the weed. Stop smoking if you wanna find a job, now days everywhere drug tests, so if you keep this up you'll be unemployed for a while. Although I dont agree with drug testing, I could understand if they thought someone was high at work and they gave them a drug test, but I think what one does when they are off and at home should be their own business.

If you failed the drug test, you won't be hired. Sorry.
Employers look for people who they can trust. Criminal records and drug use are almost always enough to black-ball you.
Well, good luck.

Cutie R
ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm why would you do that the night before?!?!? what kind of job were you going in for? i mean..they all pretty much do that. and no you wont get hired,, thats why they have the drug test..if you fail, your doomed. sorry

I don't think so, you need to clean up before you reapply for another job. Almost every place of business has a drug test. I think it will take about four months for you to be clear. Please stay off the "hegbeg weed'

Well, I hate to say one way or the other, since I don't know the policy of the store. You may still be eligible for the job, but you may have to sign a sworn statement that you will be drug-free during your employment, however long it lasts. Or they may just cross you off the list of applicants.

If you really need the job -- or any job for that matter, let me give you some unsolicited advice: Don't do drugs. I'm not being judgmental, or lecturing, but just letting you know that drugs do stay in the system, and some places may require a blood or urine test for controlled substances. Therefore, you're better off to stay off weed or anything else that could hinder your chances for employment. Good luck, though!

You failed the test so the store is not going ot offer you a position.

What's next? You need to start looking for a job again. You really do not need to wait for a formal rejection. They test, so they can eliminate those who use drugs from the potential pool.

You should have thought of that before you were blazing it up. Perhaps you should consider rehab prior to a job.

if all the other job applicants are wanted serial killers there is a high chance that you will get the job.

Emma H
Kroger is usually a Union job so most likely you will not get the job. My dad was fired from there for his criminal back ground. they are really strict.

you will not be hired. You would now be considered a liability and you can't blame them. Who would want drug users working for them and around customers? You should quit. What do you need more, the job or to get high?

Future Citizen of Forvik
no you can count on not getting the job. Learn from this and improve your life.

No you are not.

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