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Does diet pepsi cause brain cancer?

Worry about something more substantial.

Too much of any one thing is bad for you.

duhhh pepsi, coke, diet or not, its still not healthy

rose tommy
what doesn't

bobby w
dose a dog with no legs walk down the street.no diet pepsi dosnt give u cancer.

What doesn't cause cancer these days, according to someone...then a yr or two later ohhhh they were mistaken...it doesn't cause cancer after all...What are we to believe anyhow?

technical difficulties
it does in rats and there's been some tumor cases in humans.

it causes headaches and ulcers in some humans.

it does give me headaches whenever i drink a pepsi soda product...

so i stay away from it.

Yes. If you snort Pepsi.

The artificial gunk they put in there cannot be good for you, no matter what the manufacturers say. There have been a lot more cancers since they began putting chemicals in food and beverages. Drink pure water, fruit and vegetable juices, a glass or two of wine, and a small Irish whiskey every day. Unless I get shot by a jealous husband or fall off my mountain bike, I'll live to be a hundred.

It seems like everything causes cancer these days.


Almost everything nowadays causes cancer in one form or other,food products are now made with too many chemicals added to preserve,add flavor or just for coloring,even the fresh fruit picked nowadays is treated with something.

No. It really causes the optic nerve to merge with the anal nerve and gives you a crappy outlook on life....

Having fun always causes cancer (smoking, drinking, eating too much). but, hey, live life to the full.

its probably the contaminated glass people use these days. Everything couses cancer now, water, the air, pizza, our clothes, and medicine with side effects.


I doubt it but its still no good for you

Teacher Man
Possibly, if you drink four gallons everyday for nine years.

i think so it harms

I heard diet soda causes cancer due to sacrin in place of real sugar...Doesn't necessarily mean brain cancer. Can be any type of cancer...

i think it might.

I've never heard this particular rumor. The one I heard was that diet soda in cans causes Alzheimer's disease. Some researchers found that Alzheimer's patients had a lot of aluminum in their brainstems or something like that. Then people thought, well, if cans are made from aluminum, and soda is very acidic...then the soda leaches aluminum from the cans and then you get Alzheimer's. AAAAAAHHHH!!!

Sounds like an urband legend to me. Diet Pepsi can cause tooth staining, caffeine highs (and lows), bad reactions for people with phenylketonuria (if you drink the kind with aspartame), excess urination...but then, so does every other diet cola. It's not good for you, but I don't think it's a killer.

Paul A
only in laboratory rats forced to drink a 6 pack a day for a year

I can remember back when they banned saccrine for causing cancer. They pulled it off the market and all kinds of fall our happened.

Then someone got smart and realized that the amount they were giving the mice, a man would have to drink 55 gallons of saccrine a month, for 200 years to get what they dosed the mice with.

Anything in excess can cause health issues, sugar, caffeine, or food in general.

Be smart and use common sense.

Also, when you see these emails that make these claims, go to

factorfiction.com and research the claim.

cuz the fake sugar goes to the blood and the blood travels to the brain and damages it.

No, but it does cause me to get nauseous.

Michelle S
WHAT? You're joking...right? You aren't serious, are you? Aw, man... I had 5 cans of diet pepsi in the last 2 days! (jk)

the fake sugar in diet drinks is called aspertame, this is the chemical they say causes cancer because its the main ingrediant of nutri-sweet but there have been no confirmed cases that it actually does cause cancer! you should just limit your intake of soda in general!!

Demon Doll
It contains a sugar substitute called Aspartame. Studies have linked it to brain cancer.

If I were you I'd stop drinking it. Who needs another chemical in their bodies anyway?

victor y
i hope not.

Somehow EVERYTHING supposedly does these days.

Pepsi says its diet drinks contain Aspartame, which many researchers think may cause brain cancer and other health problems. The evidence so far is controversial, but why take a chance?

There are other soft drinks, like Diet Rite, that use Splenda instead of Aspartame.

And of course, there's always good old water.

There have been hundreds of peer-reviewed articles published about possible links between Aspartame and health problems:

From the Pepsi.com website:
"Aspartame is a sugar substitute used in our diet beverages and many other food products. Aspartame is made of the same building blocks as protein, so it is considered a "nutritive sweetener," but the very small amounts used in diet drinks contribute no calories."

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