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Mary C
Does a spider bite hurt?
From my knowledge, I never got bitten by a spider. Don't get me wrong, I don't want to ever experience this, but what does it feel like, given there's the brown recluse, whose bite causes skin to rot?

Yes. There's alot of information on the internet too you can consult.

You're just ..........
I think it matters on what kind of spider it is. Some spider may bite , but you will barely feel anything because there's no venom, poisin, or toxic liquids. But on the other hand , some spider bite will hurt because the fluid excreted during the bite might be toxic to humans .

I've been bitten by a brown recluse.. it's not pretty.. Lets just say, I squatted to pee out in the country and thought a stick poked me on the butt.. NOPE! Spider!
I waited for a day and it got infected pretty bad and I had to go to the doc's.. she said if I had waited another hour she would admit me for blood poisoning. Scary stuff.

So, does it hurt?? After, HELL YES! The actual bite?? Just felt like a scratch..

chuck s
i was bite by a brown reclose, the bit itself dont hurt but i still have probkems with it after 6 years, my arm went completly numb, and it really did start to rot, but it was shot full of cortonone in time to stop it

♥ Kairi♥
I was bit by a hornet on the cheek.My neighbor was bit by a recluse.He said it hurt like h-e-l-l.He stayed at the hospital.We all checked the house of spiders.We then called the exterminators.We were safe.My mother was bit by a black widow.Ouch.My teacher was bit mulitiple times by a black widow.They say it hurt so much.

smelly pete
All spiders are different. Most will hurt like a sting at least, but some you don't feel at all because it acts like a local anesthetic (like red-back spiders in Australia apparently). Some have no effect on humans at all.

☮♂♥♀Soul Flower♀♥♂☮
I was bitten by a black widow when I was 14. It was my toe. I left my shoes outside overnight and went to put them on in the morning. Right when it but me, it just felt like a little poke, like there was a fox tail weed in my shoe. I shuffled my foot around in my shoe and kept walking. I felt it again and did the same thing. After the third time, it started to sting real bad, so I took my shoe off to see what it was and get it out. I shook my shoe and out crawled a female black widow. I freaked out. I went in the house to call an ambulance, I was alone, of course. As I was on the phone the pain go to me. It felt like there were a thousand sewing needles sticking into my foot, but only the needles were really red hot. I was bitten 3 times, so after a few minutes the feeling rushed over my whole body and I had an impossible time breathing. My vision went white and I passed out. I woke up in the hospital and the doctor said I was convulsing like crazy. I was awake but I don't remember anything like that. My toe swelled up to about 8 times it's normal size and the spot where it bit me got larger and bled. I had a fever of 104 ... at 106 I would have died. I don't know what a regular spider bite feels like though, I would happen to get bitten by one of the worse.

it doesnt hurt the spider one bit all tough i have heard iv one dying from human flesh brown recluse that as scary as it gets. the bitten exstremity swell up about 15 times its nomal size
source trust me i knowill garenen dang not kid you it aint no bee sting

im pretty sure it does


yes their bite would be similar to a bee sting but last longer

Yes. I have one on my big toe right now. I didn't even notice it at first, then al of a sudden it started stinging and it hurt to touch it.

But it really depends on what kind of spider. Black Widows, now thoses are BAD.

it depends on the spider...i've had bites that get really red and kind of itch like a mosquito bite.

A spider bites hurts because of the venom injected into the wound. Venom is designed to immobilize the spider's prey, while at the same time liquefying the prey's tissue with predigestive enzymes.

Most venoms consist of a complex mixture of chemical substances, including proteins, peptides and sugars. Common venom effects in humans include paralysis, interference with blood clotting, breakdown of muscle, pain, breakdown of tissues and effects on the heart and lungs.

it really depends on the spider. i got bit by a spider once on my thumb and it turned all sorts of colors, but it didn't hurt. though i imagine that having ur skin rot off would hurt pretty bad

Yes, brown recluses are nasty. Luckily I've never been bitten by one, other spiders, yes. Usually they are like larger mosquito bites and hurt for only a little while after you get bit. As long as the spider isn't poisonous, it's no diffferent than an ant or mosquito bite to me...

As most people said it depends on the type of spider that you get bitten by. Most spider bites usually become all red and itchy, and some become infected.

All spiders (except granddaddy long legs) use venom to kill their prey and when they bite they usually don't discriminate prey from non prey, so you would get the venom that spider carries. I have been bit by spiders (not the two most toxic in my area- brown recluse and black widow), I did experience pain, but not burning but more like itchy. I will handle spiders, I respect them, I have no fear of them, I will also handle brown recluses and black widows.

no its itchy

i got bit by a spider

up up and away web....
go go gadget web.....

i give up

Not usually... it pretty close to a mosquito bite in feeling. The difference is that a mosquito will only bite once, but a spider will usually bite in tracks, and they take longer to heal.


Feels like a pinch when bitten and then a few hours later it will itch, like a mosquito bite.

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