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Do your fingerprints ever change? Even after old age/burns/scars?
Thanks :D

I guess they grow proportionately as you get bigger, but I think they can change, but only due to accidents. I cut my thumb in woodwork this year and now I have an odd line that curves around my thumb. I guess the rest of it is the same, but the middle is pretty screwed up.

Santa's Helper
... they stay the same even when they've been chopped off ... try it ... you'll see ...

Old age, no. Burns and scars, posisbly.


They can. I cut my fingertip really deeply. After almost ten years, the scar is still there.
I also had a friend who was burned. His left hand was thrid degree, he no longer has fingerprints on that hand. Just scar tissue.

theres a movie a saw, this villian, he wants to get away from the cops, he burned his thumb.

Our fingerprints do not change. Old age wouldn't affect em at all. But if your fingers were burnt or badly scarred, that might affect em.
I'm not sure if the scar would prevent someone from being identified though. And they'd probably all need to be badly burnt or scarred in order for the fingerprint to be interfered with.!

Yes, they can. I got cut on the pad of my finger (where my finger print is). Now I have a small scar and if I were to take my finger print it how has a small line in the middle of the print where there wasn't one before I got the scar.

NO, as long as new skin regenerates it'll have the same pattern... You might have some horrible scars, but that will be an artificial alteration only, your fingerprint will still be the same. I guess it would make you harder to track down based on your prints tho...

umm i was watching this show and it said that burning and things like that does not change your finger pattern. unless you have 3rd degree burns and i take it that umm this will change alot more than finger patterns

No they don't (I don't think they do)

Not With age, but when you get scars or burns on your fingers the print will be altered. Those who work with brick, often loose their fingerprints after time...

♥Stranger In Maine™♥ (Thriller)
Why? What are you up to??



Judas Rabbi
They can if you get rid of them

your fingerprints never change,although
you can burn them off with acid.

no but you can burn them off or scar them behind recognition.



Fingerprints never ever ever change even if you burn your finger tips in acid!!

no, burns old age and scars just make ur fingerprints more distinguished and easier to id.

nope...they are supposed to be like that forever...I think.

With age your fingerprints stay the same, but burns make scars and therefor there might be a slight alteration but basically its the same print. Forensics specialists can still positively match you to your fingerprints even if you got ur prints done burned yourself and got them done again!

cuts can rearrange the lines as on my index,but for the most part its the same. If the injury is so bad that it removed the finger print. Then there is no finger print,in the event the heeling proses allows the print to come back the print will be the same in whole are part.


buster d
Well, obviously, if all the skin tissue was burned/scarred, you wouldn't have a fingerprint at all. But old age does not change fingerprints.

nope..but if tu think about it y wouldnt they??

Age doesn`t change them. But if you burn them badly it can obviously leave scar tissue and no fingerprints.. If it is just a scar No not really. They go by points being similar in different areas and it is unlikely that you could cut it in all those areas.

Hugs from Texas and God bless, {:-)

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