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Rachel Z
Do you have to use shampoo if you are bald?

you may, if you had dandrift

sam e
absolutely yes

yeah because u still have dandraft on da top of ur head even if ur bold

Steve T
yes. it unclogs the pores on your head. if you just use soap, you could dry out your scalp.

no soap or body wash will do since its skin you are washing

jessica s
i dont think u do!!!! u have no hair to put the shampoo in!!!

tim d
i wouldnt think so but u should still use soap.

yes, if u have dandruff

id use re growth shampoo!

If your head is oily I would use shampoo as it has detergents to cut the oil. If not use regular soap.

if you have a beard, yes


you can if you want but the only thing it does is make your head shiny

Hell♥ Kitty™
Maybe not but you should still use some kind of mild soap. People do sweat, you know.

Betty Boop Forever proves my theory about hairdressers. They're uneducated morons.

xXPolitically IncorrectXx
You must clean your scalp and rid it of oils and dirt, but you can use soap if you're completely bald, instead of shampoo.

soap will work very well.

I think my dad only uses his shower gel. Even though it's on his head, it's still just skin. :)

no soap only shampoos for hair do you use shampoo to wash your skin? i rest my case

no yes i don't know

Shampoo is for hair. You can use it as soap, but if you're bald, you're trying to clean your skin.

I use PICKLE JUICE personally.

I don't think, they do make a scalp soap, it has like an oil to add shine and protect the head.

Hannah R.
OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Stupid question! NO WAY!! gosh u must be a wediot or somthin!

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