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Do you have a pulse in your stomach? if not why is there a movement in peoples stomach?

To honest
Lots of reasons like bowel moving throu your intestines, muscle spasms, Gas, being pregnant or maybe you have a butterfly in your stomach. lol What ever the case it's probably somthing natural but if your worried see a Dr.

Mrs. Jones
Your stomach doesn't "move", your intestine moves in a wave like movement. i think that's what you're feeling.

if you have a bllod vessel, you have a pulse. it may not be strong enough for you to feel it.

digestion will cause movement in your stomache.

I Hate Hillary Clinton
i guess thATS THE impact from ur heart i think

this is a good question. i have always wondered this myself.

Your stomach is a highly-muscular organ that squashes up your lunch whilst dissolving it with high-test digestive juices. You can indeed feel it at work if you stretch just right.

In fact, if you've ever been sick enough enough to vomit, you've received a good demonstration of the power of your stomach to deliver a hearty squeeze.

zero the hero
perhaps food being digested

its because the upermost part of you stomach is actually called the pyloric portion and its blood supply is veryyy close to the heart thus you feel a nice steady pulse.. and sometimes increased when you are hungry!!

It's your intestines moving.

Ive wondered that too. Its actually the blood from your heart pumping through your system. :]

sometimes when my stomach is empty i have one.

when i lay on my tummy i feel a pulse :D

your stomach is always digesting food in a wringing motion. therefore causing it to move.

John B
many people, especially if they're thin, can feel the pulsation in the abdominal aorta, which is the large vessel that runs along the spine.

Maddy G
when you lie on your back and feel a pulse in your stomach, thats your aorta (sp?). You can feel the pulse from it occasionally.

I'm not really sure what you mean by "pulse." Blood pressure can be felt every where there is blood. There are just certain areas of your body where the pressure is greater and more exact. (i.e. your neck, wrist,etc.) There is a "pulse" in your stomach, you just can't feel it. There is movement in your stomach because the muscles are constantly moving. That's how your stomach can churn digested food up with the digestive Enzymes in your stomach.

its just spasms

Understood emo kid
It means your stomach muscles are working hard to systematically digest your food.

No, there's no pulse in your stomach. The movement you feel are the stomach acids dissolving food and nutrients.

well as we have a digestive system id think it would be that working away at the food we have eaten..........or they are having a baby maybe!!

Your body is mostly liquid. It's your heartbeat.

Just think of when you through a rock in a pond. The water ripples...

Yahzmin (US)
Anywhere that a large blood vessel comes close to the surface of the skin, you can sense a pulse.

a muscle spasm

There's a pulse in every blood vessel, they're just more prominent and easy to find in the wrist and neck.

Jody A
There are two large arteries (the aortic artery & the superior vena cava) than run through your stomach area, and that is why you can see your stomach pulsating.

This IS the correct answer. It is part of our abdominal assessment in nursing.

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