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 Smoking...Am i addicted?
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 If u have low blood pressure will smoking help?

Do you do whatever your doctor tells you to do?
I've had so many people treat me as if I'm a criminal when I'm in the process of deciding whether I should take this or that medicine or if I should have such and such procedure done. It's MY body, after all. My feeling is that my doctor is there to lead me and to help educate me, not force me. I think it's important to research and decide for myself. What do you think?

Sheepish TinTin
yep yer right...you can die anytime u want to... u can be yer own doctor...

My doctor was about my age. He told me stop smoking, don't drink so much, and work out more. He died a couple of years ago from heart trouble! I smoked a nice cigar at his grave!

Tegghiaio Aldobrandi
Everyone knows Herr Doktor is on an ego trip!
You can have something wrong with you for 20 years, and
if you try to explain it to him. He's like, "You can't tell me, I'm
the doctor!"
I've had doctors give me all kinds of medication, except what I
requested, to show who's the doctor.
That's why they say. "Get a second opinion".

I always go with my own instinct. after all who knows you better? Doctors can only go on what you tell them, and how many times after you've been to see your doctor do you think, I didn't mention that or this.

you are right.

Good for you!!!
I've begun doing the very same thing about a year or so back. He use to give me a questioning look, as did his nurse. I explained to him that the reason I've been coming back all these years is because when we first met, it was on equal ground. Not, take this because I have an over abundant supply of them in my desk drawer.. and I stop him from leaving the room, and sit back down, and listen.
A few years back, he was in such a rush, he didn't listen.. He kept giving me Codeine syrup for an uncontrollable cough. I landed in his office with blue lips, white ash colored skin.. etc. I was taken to the ER.. I'm diabetic, and my lungs were filled with something that went solid. (Oh.. why did I land up at his office.. my insurance required it.. <rolls her eyes>, and when I left here, I wasn't quite 'that' bad.. Seems death comes quickly. My hair went near white, and I'm a brunette>
It's your life they hav in their hands, and who knows more about you and your body than you do. They're 'practicing' medicine.. <chuckles> ..years back, grandmas are the ones everyone went to.

toe poe gee gee oh
You are exactly right. You are responsible for your own health. As long as you are not jeopardising or compromising the health of a foetus or partner...it is your body and you have to live with the consequences of your decisions. Doctors are not always informed or up to date on the lastest research...

S.A.M. Gunner 7212
I'm guilty of that as well. You know hoe certain medication will affect you. Ultimately, it is your decision.

Don't listen to doctors because all they do is give you medications even if they don't help you they just waste your time.
I say, don't always listen to your doctor because when i stopped taking the medications my doctors gave me everything got better!
take my advice!!!

OK, if what your doctor tells you to take or do, you do not agree with, get a second opinion from another doctor. If they say the same thing, or things, then what your doctor is telling you is the truth and they are trying to help you.

Most doctors are trying to help. Problem is people do not want to hear what they have to say; exercise more, eat less, don't smoke, don't drink, etc.

when it comes to my mental health issues i usually just take th meds they give me. i research them and stuff but i try them if they don't work or make me feel weird i ask to be prescribed something else

No cant say that I followed the rules, when I had surgery they gave me pain killers & said dont mix with alcohol.. uhh oh I did. stupid me.... caused more problems than surgery

You're partly right. A doctor is there to guide you and he/she shouldn't force you to take the medication. However it would be best if you followed their advice because they spent 8 years in school and know what's best for you. That's what doctors are for, to help you cure your sickness. If you don't take their advice, then why come to them for help? Make sense?

yes, word for word.

i really hate seeing doctors that's why. so i have to carefully follow everything they say and prescribe. besides, i hate being sick.

i hate missing one day at yahoo answers.

I agree you should research as well as your doctors suggestion. Just be wiling to accept the bad side of it if you choose not to take it and those you will hurt around you

im with you

Nah. The doce says eating befor bed will keep me awake. I still do.

I agree. I spend 15 minutes with my GP once every 3 months (for diabetic wellness check). I have never consulted with him - and do not feel that 15 minutes gives him a complete picture of me to give me well-considered advice.

Therefore, I have researched other treatment methods and have taken myself off medications. I do appreciate that he sends me for blood tests every 3 months, as I can then monitor my own progress.

well if ur phyco u need ur meds, sry

well he didn't go through possibly 8 years of college for nothing you know.. but i do suppose its your right.. and he should just give you options.

I do think you should do what is best for you but I feel that would be listening to your doctor. However that is something for you to decide.

Very seldom...

If you're doctor is pushing you to do something you don't want to do, I think its time to change doctors.

A good doctor should be there to answer any questions you have about your health, especially being as he or she is there to keep you healthy. A doctor should also lay out all options available and give you the pros and cons to everything and allow you to decide.

My son's had kidney stones since he was 11; the specialist had the prescription pad in his hand when we went in for our first appointment. I did research on the medicine, and have refused for the last 4 years to put him on the medication. I'm just not comfortable with the side affects, and now that my son is older and I've given him the choice, he feels the same way. Sometimes the side affects aren't worth it if the medicine is not going to be a tremendous help.

Yeah, nowadays doctors prescribe way too much drugs. They are quick to tell patients to take meds rather than figuring out the root of the problem and finding a safer alternative to treat conditions. Always question everything they say.

Diesel Weasel
I'd say I do what they tell me to do about 98% of the time, but I do make the last call. I get a second opinion sometimes too.

There is something that is called, in legal terms, asking for a professional second opinion.

Most doctors will get a little irritable about it, but it does give you a chance to see if the procedure that one doc thinks is viutal is needed, or not.

I agree 100%. Too many doctors will not give you the information you need to make a good decision. It is MY body, I should have the ultimate decision as to what happens to it.

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