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Can we trust young male doctors? They can take advantage of their patients especially if the patient is girl.

very true... its sickening to think about

True......but us as americans need to think more positively! and watch our children closely....and ourselves for that matter....in dealing with everything!

Shana B
Of course you can trust a young male doctor. They NEVER would "take advantage" of a female patient. Doing so would go against their oath.

Think about it - they spent 10 years and hundreds of thousands of dollars to get their medical license, and they are probably already getting plenty of action since they've got $$, and most are married anyway, so why would they risk losing their license over something like that?

Mate, I don't trust NOBODY.

There's the chance of that with younger and older doctors, but its not very likely to happen. Doctors have to invest a lot of time and money to get where they're at in their careers, and not many are willing to risk it.

this is such a dumb question. Just because it happened to one human doesnt mean it'll happen to all. Thats called stereotyping.

richard s
Young or old doctors can take advantage of a patient wether it is male or female. Hopefully the doctor is a profesional, and you will not have to worry about the doctor.

Can you trust any one at all? Can you even trust your self? May as well crawl away and give up on life all together. Seriously, life is full of possible difficulties but you just have to take a chance on others being ethical and compassionate rather than predatory and cruel.
Join us.

Doctors, despite popular belief, are just human beings. The sad reality is that there are scumbags in doctors cloaks just like everywhere else.

Young male doctors are just as likely/unlikely to abuse their position and take "advantage" of people as teachers, lawyers, builders, police, nurses, priests or comic book store owners.

If you are concerned it is your right to ask for a female doctor or, where appropriate, that the parent or suitable guardian be present.

joanna p
this question is absurd and dangerous. they are trained for several years. should we trust young female doctors? they can take advantage of their patients especially if the patient is a boy. doesn't it sound dumb?

ur so stupid..they wouldn't spend years of trying to get educated to get this job and ruin if u chick shows up that has a nice @ss and t1ts and a nice face.

oh shut up, young, old, like it makes a difference... can we trust our local store clerk? can we trust the ice cream man with our children? can we trust high school teachers? can we trust driving instructors?

stop generalizing, just because they are young, male and you have to trust them doesn't mean they will rape you

No they went to school for nearly 10 years to mess their entire lives up just to cop a feel!
Closed minded stereotypical people like you make me sick!

Can happen, but pretty rare. If the girl is underage, then the mother should accompany her to the exam room and nothing untoward will happen.

Jason B
Can you trust anyone? Everyone is different.. heck an old lady doctor can take advantage of you also

Luke K
yeah so sickening to think about young people learning the most noble trade of healing sickill people.

you are the sick one mate.

You are not using a logical context. Are you assuming all young male doctors are horn dogs?

I love Dennis Moore
Can we trust young female doctors? They can take advantage of their patients epically is the patient is a boy.

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