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Can long hair cause head and neck pain?

If you hair is made of lead?

My aunt had long hair when I was growing up and she always complained about her hair being heavy and bothersome. So, I would say yes, it is logical that it would cause pain if your hair is thick and heavy enough.

yep....to other people who have to dodge it when you make sudden movements lol

I doubt if hair could be heavy enough to cause neck and back pain however long or thick it is

No. a big head can cause head and neck pain

not generally, but i do know of some who have very long hair,which gave them headaches,and once shortened a bit they were fine.

not at all, unless you dont care your your hairs.

just me

jacqueline h
not unless u tie it up tight then it would cause pain x

I suppose it could if it's really thinck and really long!

yes...if it's thick and heavy

I think it must depend on the thickness of your hair.
I used to have long hair, the head-banging caused head and neck ache, but not the hair. My head felt lighter, and my neck cooler, once it was removed.

Not at all, unless your hair is too heavy.

depends on the length. I knew a woman who's hair reached the back of her knees, she had to get her hair cut alot shorter because the weight of it caused her so much pain. The relief was immediate altough when she first stood up out of the hairdresser chair she fell over and it took her a few moments to find her balance without all that weight.

Jodie...come on you irons x
i very much doubt it

very harmful to let one's hair grow longer than a few milimeters..... cut it bold blondie!

if u hav loads of thick hair yep it does

NO because i have long hair and i never get neck aches and head aches so that is just a myth or sum1 talkin a load of bull lol
lol :P :P lol

luke m
YES , and it's todo with the way you comb and brush it ,many tend to lean and pull , therefore causing stress to the muscles in your neck.as far as the headache ! if you braid your hair too tight this may be the problem , but yes alot of the friends i have w/long hair do have the same complaint !

I've got really short hair and have never had neck, back or head pain...so obviously it's long hair that does it....hope that helps...and good luck with the pain..

yes i have long hair and its also thick and heavy and if i tie it up all day i get a stiff neck and a headache

Yes depending on its length and how thick it is. I have dark waist length hair and if I tie it up tight I can feel it pulling on the finer hair at the front after a while. It can also make my head and neck ache. I know, a few years ago I made the stupid mistake of cutting my hair off completey and shaving it short. Very very stupid. My head felt very light constantly and felt like it was titling forward as I had lost the weight. It also suprised me as to how cold I felt. Keeps you very warm the locks down the back.

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