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Can i grow taller by skipping? how can i grow taller?
please help me...
im 19years female 5'5..
can i grow taller by skipping?
cos my uncle say that i still can grow taller
till i reach 21years...
i just need to skipping & drink more milk..
its that true?
if true,
how many round i of skipping
i must do in a DAY..
& how many milk do i have to drink?
or if i skipping will be shorter?

Gt some stilts... BTW hot pic!

Susan Yarrawonga
Females usually stop growing at the age of 15 so most likely you have reached your peak height already.

In some very isolated and almost unheard of cases a female will actually grow up to the age of 21 so there is a very very very tiny glimmer of hope as you are 19.

skip 12 times a day drink 6 glasses of milk a day

C Blade
you're average so I woudn't bother.

skipping is possible, and milk is every where , so we gonna see lots of tall people . I Hope U 'll B 1 of them. Ci vediamo !!

blue moon in Hawaii (not really)
Skipping wont make you taller
but drinking milk has Calcium, which makes your bones stronger.
Milk might make you taller but skipping probably wont....
Even if you do grow taller at 19 theree wont be much difference in your height because you have nearly stopped growing.
I am about your height and I am 13
but being tall isnt that great, generally taller people have bigger feet so you find less shoes that fit you =[
its better just to be a bit above average

Angel G
Drink 1 glass of milk per day. and dont always drink the milk, switch sometimes and eat yogurt and icecream. There is always SOME truth in legends and wives tales. do the skipping twice a day for 15 minutes. Good luck.

That won't make you taller. If you want to look taller, then wear high heels all the time.

drink atleast 2 cups of milk a day probably and maybe stretch alot?

¸.•*´`*•. ɥsoɥʇuɐɥs ¸.•*´`*•.
Ur uncle is 100% right

im also like u only
before 2 yrs my height is 5'1

after skipping now im excatly 5'7

there are many ways to grow taller,this is one of the best way ^__^

you are already done growing. Skipping will not make you grow taller any more. There are only two ways left for you at your age. 1. surgery 2. super-growth

i and i
where are you from. "how many round i of skipping"
back to the question you cant make your self taller, but there surgeries you can have. like the one Stan from south park had when he had Mr. garrisons balls put in his knees to make himself taller. the only problem is that you can blow out your balls/knees. good luck. 5'5 is a good height.

David D
intake lots of Calcium bout 4 pints of milk a day

milk i think...skipping..? never heard that.

Sorry, but your genes really decide how tall you grow. For example, I am 12 years old and am 5 feet and 8 inches tall! But that's because I have "tall" genes. If you want to look taller, I recomend high heels or wedges.

No, that is ridiculous. You are too old to be so naive. You should be penalized and sent back to 16.

*I need 9 more Yahoo accounts, so I can give mrlizard 10 thumbs up*

Cranky Yankee
Your uncle is pulling your leg, which has as much of a chance of making you grow as....well...skipping.

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