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 If a man/woman remains without food or water, how long he/she can be alive?

 Has anyone heard of shanking meaning to pants someone.?
a teenager on my sons bus threatened to shank them and I was told by the assistant principal that now ,"shanking means to pants another person" I am now dropping my kids off at school and ...

 What state u live in?????????

 Taking a poll about feet???
Do you honestly reach down and wash your feet with your wash cloth, loofah, or poofy sponge when you bathe?
Additional Details
Personally, I do. I don't judge those who don't ...

 What could cause a terribly itchy head - not head lice?
No dandruff or anything to look at, no redness, just itching.
Have bought t-gel shampoo which has helped me but not my daughter (she is 5)....

 How do you cover up your fart when you have to fart in public?
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 Is ther such a thing as sleeping too much?
everyone always says that when you are a teenager you need lots of sleep....but sometimes i feel like i over sleep and then i'm really tred. so...how is too much sleep good for you? or maybe i&#...

 Have you ever left your hair without washing it for 6 weeks so it cleans its-self? aparently this happens...?
Not that im going to try it...Yuck!!!...

 What do i do if my girlfriend passes out?
My girlfriend has comdition where she often passes out. Her doctor's working on her case, but in the mean time I want to know what to do if she passes out. Like how do I get her to come-to ...

 Is sleeping 6 hours per day healthy if that person is very active?
also this person yawns lots....

 Cancer or Heart Disease ?
Pick your poison, choice of death....

 Does anyone get up at 3am for work???
i start a new job tomoro,i have got to be there at 4.15,i have never got up so early before(except holidays),how am i going to adjust my body clock to this???i went out sat nite and i went to bed at 3...

 Wisdom tooth?
is it normal for a wisdom tooth coming through to give you so much pain?the whole side of my face aches and i cant chew food or open my mouth wide without pain!!!
i find it difficult to ...

 What could this be?
I wanted to know what is wrong with me because when i woke up today my hands and feet felt like they were swelling up and my skin was itching real bad, and then my mom gave me some medicine for ...

 Why do humans yawn?

 Is kissing healthy?

 What are hemorrhoids?

 Does it make any difference, for you, if the doctor who treats you is a man or a woman :) ?

Thank you for your answers! :)

Have a wonderful week! :)...

 My husband went out last night,came home at 03:30 and...?
was very drunk and ill. Threw up in kitchen & bathroom but missed the sink! I cleaned it up 'cause didn't want dog to eat it or kids to see it. Has this happened to to? I was mad but ...

 Ok so I have this overwheight friend... how do I tell her she eats too much?
Her name is Jamie. She is REALLY big. She eats a LOT.
She is really unhealthy. She doesn't know how bad it is to be overwheight. She is the biggest girl in the whole school she ways about 2...

Can drinking windex kill you?
will it kill you fast or do you die slowly?what happens?(just curious)

Try it and see, lol Im jk yes it can kill you if you swallow enough of it. I knew a Man who died from drinking that mouth wash stuff which your not supposed to he was drinking it to get drunk because he couldn't afford liquor., and he passed out then while he was passed out he had a heart attack so i think possibly the same thing.

Daffy Duck
If you're lucky, you'll just have your stomach pumped. If you're not, yea, you'll die.

not sure.... i ate some when i was three and im still alive but thats all i know. If anyone did tho i would probably talk to a doctor

Yes, it will kill you!
The ammonia in it will cause you to suffocate!
A slow antagonizing DEATH!

yes yes and yes. dude with all the chemicals in it u no that there has to be death written alll over it!

Yes it can. Painfully and slowly. Alot of vomitting, stomach pains, and vomitting blood! If someone you know drinks it call a poison control center asap!!

not perfect
If you seriously go and drink windex you just wont attention and by the way nothing is worth killing yourself!

makes you real sick if its just a bit if its a lot you gonna go prett fast and painfully if what happens to animals is anyhting to go by.

Hannah B
im not sure but you shouldn't drink it unless you want to get sick........ if something like that happens, then go to the er, call the poison control center, or call 911

If you plan on poisoning someone, Windex is too slow and obvious of a choice for a poison (too much vomiting, abdominal pain, etc). So it is also a horrible choice for suicide too.

Why in the world would someone want to know the answer to this question?

honey dipp
uh why are you curious? u have some mental issues

If you drink too much it can kill you. I dont really recommend trying it though. I think it would taste pretty nasty myself.

Probably if you swallow enough before you start to vomit.

Well it contains chemicals right?
So it would probably kill you if you drink it.

stick man
It is toxic. So don't drink it. God loves you. For encouragement, listen to ttb.org. Everyday for a year and a half, it will bring you out of fatalistic discouragement. It did for me.

I don't know if it will kill you or not, but if you're talking about the guy on Youtube, I'm sure it was blue koolaid or something similar that he was chugging.

Don't risk it!

Im pretty certain that it wouldnt feel very good. Might just give you a belly ache. Who knows.

It is deffinately possible, but it would probably concern your weight, hight, basically size.

it does have a warning label on the outside. so my guess is yes. it's toxic, i don't think it'll kill you but probably make you really sick in the stomach, enough to make you wish it had killed you or that you wouldn't have drinked it.


pUre addicTion<3
idk. go try it and let us know how it goes.

yes, it will kill you, first it will make you horribly sick, the pain will be intense and the dieing process long slow and painful, but yeah, you will die.
The chemicals first degrade the lining of the stomach, making you nauseaus and then causing pain, as the chemicals get into the blood stream, the liver tries to filter them and metabolise them and fails in the process, again a painful thing, and death from liver failure is a slow painful process.

But Why??
you turn into a Greek after drinking it.

you die slowly like with bleach it will eat away at your throat and wherever else it gets,

first of all it might not kill u but it can cause brain damage and secondly why would u be asking this?

yes. you should not drink it. it most likely won't kill you and you'll suffer immensely. your organs will shut down, possibly bleed, won't be pretty.

too much of anything will kill you. even water.

Heather B
You become streak free and birds will start flying into you.

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