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Can drinking to much caffeine make your stomach hurt?

drinking anything in excess will make anything hurt

try not drinking caffeine for a while. If the pain persists see the Doctor.


yes...I have to eat something in order to drink caffeinated drinks. Now I think it's Folger's that has the "smooth" coffee for sensitive stomachs.

Definitely. It's a central nervous system stimulant and can adversely affect the stomach and bowels.

Phoenix, Wise Guru
It's more likely the type of drink that is making your stomach hurt - caffeinated drinks are often carbonated, which can make your stomach hurt. Coffee has other components that can make your stomach hurt. Etc.

Cali Girl
Oh yeah. It can rot your stomach if you have a delicate stomach or drink way too much. Anyone that has more then 3 cups a day is having way too much for so many reasons!

it eat some toast or bagel to help soak up the coffee... its eating at ur stomach lining

Definitely!! If you drink coffee, try switching to a decaf or smoother blend. Or you could try teas. They have about 1/2 the caffeine content as the same sized cup of coffee, and the antioxident effect is wonderful for you if you drink the green, red or white teas. Sweeten with a bit of honey if you like, or you can even drink herbals, most of which have no caffeine at all.

mother of Bridezilla
yes especially on an empty stomach.

Drinking to much of anything will make your stomach hurt

yes, its considered as on of the predisposing factors for stomach peptic ulcer,dont worry it need other factors along with caffeine to be so harmful,try to decrease ur consumption Any way..take care........Dr ziad

yes,yes & yes.

sexy c
I actually drink coffee to make me "go" when I get home from work. It's excellent for that. And it's good to go a few times a day. AT HOME THAT IS NOT AT WORK OR ANY OTHER PUBLIC PLACE.

caffeine is acidic
too much can give you a real stomach ache or naseau
coffee tea and sodas contain acids
that is why there are decaffeinated versions of these beverages

YES. I have cut back so mine does not. But other things can also, you may want to check with your doc. I did not and spent 3 days in a hospital.

Never has with me but with some people it can. And as for it making you hyper ... not with everyone. It actually calms me down (ADD).

baby kay
On some poeple it can, yes.
i know that it definetly makes you hyper
and makes you shrink. thats a proven fact.

yes from what i was told drink coffee in moderation and anything withg caffiene in it because you need a glass of water to counteract a single cup

It can. Excessive caffeine can act as an irritant to the lining of the stomach.

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