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Introverted extrovert
Can antibiotics give you a bad taste in your mouth?
I'm on a heavy does of antibiotics for a helicobacter bug, I've to take 8 a day for a week.

Two 500mg amoxocilin 2x day
One 500mg clarythromycin 2x day
One 20mg omeprazol 2x day

I have a really bad taste in the back of my tounge since starting them, like bitter cat p*ss, is this from the anti biotics?

Dr Frank
It is most likely that the problem is the Clarithromycin, the data sheet lists occasional reports of ' taste perversion '.

This is the most effective version of eradication therapy with an 85% success rate, If you persist and complete the course. The side effect should be bearable, since the course will soon be completed. tell your GP you had the problem though, since he should complete a yellow adverse reaction card.

Yea if you wash it down......

Jammin EMmm
probably, a lot of medicines can do that to you

yes,try using mints......

yes, it can for a short while..

houghton weaver
try taking them with food, it sometimes leaves a bad taste if not digested with food

yes but is it a metalic taste?? they will also give u an yeast infection or bacteria vaginosis!!!!!

Yes, some antibiotics can do that. Just keep a mint in your mouth at all times, it should help you cope with that bad taste.

It could be but it also could be thrush (yeast growth in the mouth and throat). I developed this after being on heavy antibiotics for diphtheria. Basically the antibiotics kill all the normal, healthy bacteria in the mouth and the naturally occurring yeast takes over. I then had to take Nystatin to cure that. Look for a coating on the tongue. The antibiotics themselves do sometimes cause a weird taste though.

git r done
yes that's from the antibiotics,just open the bottle and smell them it's terrible.

"Common but mild side effects of antibiotics include: Bad taste in the mouth".. I copied this from yahoo health by searching "bad taste in mouth from antibiotics".

Another cause that comes to mind is sometimes when people are on antibiotics, especially high doses and multiple antibiotics, they get what is called a secondary infection. Some antibiotics are not all that selective when "killing" the bacteria that is causing an infection. They also "kill" the good bacteria that is naturally occurring (called flora) and essential to our bodies. When the good bacteria is "killed" it leaves our body susceptible to other opportunistic infections that we would have not generally been afflicted with...like thrush, yeast infections...etc.

yes they can and they usually do especially if you are taking that high a dose!

i just ahd to take antibiotics coz i had bv
they made my mouth taste like metal =[

Yes many antibiotics can cause a bad taste in the mouth or dry mouth and since your taking so many it is very likley that they are the cause of the bad taste in the back of your mouth

Well I would read the information leaflet that come with these medicines. Most will have a list of what side effects are common with these.


It's quite likely. Check what it says on the information sheet that came with each type of tablet. Then check with your doctor and/or pharmacist.

Yes it could be the antibiotics, i was on them for a week in hospital for a UT infection and my mouth tasted terrible, even strong mints would not take it away ??.

Some patients complain of taste issues with the antibiotics, I would think the cat urine taste you are experiencing is probably from the Biaxin (Clarithromycin)

Most likely, I have had a metallic taste in my mouth from anti-biotics before. It should pass shortly after finishing the course.

The Great Escape
It probably is from the antibiotics, but I have to ask you a question. How do you know what bitter cat p*ss tastes like?
Just kidding of course!

the crusader
Yes, that's from the Clarithromycin. That's the generic name for Biaxin and one of the main features of that antibiotic is a nasty metallic taste in the mouth. It's awful and nothing gets rid of it. I couldn't tolerate it because of the battery-acid taste in my mouth. Talk to your doctor and maybe they can switch you to something else.

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