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Can a person survive a broken neck?
I always thought if you broke your neck, ...that's it. I met a gym teacher who says she broke her neck twice, and still does gymnastics. How can this be? Is she telling me stories, or is it possible.

Tyler S
yes. thanks for the two points.


I don't know you must tell to God.

еmѣŁėđőяe’s dάџġђτℓґ

yes but then he was Superman name of Reeves......Actor

Yes it is possible, but most people with broken necks do not make it.

♫♪♪Miss Alex♫♪♪

probably..... even if you do break ur neck.... u'd still live.... (as long as u have ur neck brace on...)


It IS possible.

First baby due June 6, 2009!
Of course it's possible. They are usually in a "halo" for awhile.

Some do

it depends on how bad the damage is, if you snap your spinal cord, you could end up with seroius spinal cord problems and nerve difficulties could lead to paralysis
sometimes it could also affect the brain, and could leave you with mental problems
it all depends on the force of the injury and how much damage you are left with, but it is always possible to make a full recovery, however rare.

I ♥ Skittles
its possible to survive. death by breaking your neck depends on what happens to you spinal cord. its sorta rare but yes, you can survive.

survival rates always depends on the location of the break in the neck. There are 7 bones that make up the neck called cervical. If you break C1 the bone that supports the skull, then you can shut down your breathing. if you damage between C-5 and C-6, you might not be able to walk again. Sometime there is just a small break and no damage is done to the spinal cord at all.

You can survive...usually paralyzed, but alive...and depending on where it's broken, rehab can sometimes repair all the damage..

blink 182 sambarino
its possible but i thought they always died instantly too but ive seen stories in papers of people who are paralyzed from the neck down because of a broken neck its very sad most likely you will become a quadraplegic if you brake your neck

Yes that can.It also depends how bad or how you broke it and what bone it your neck.The odds are 50/50.Hope this answers your questions.

Yes, I know two people who have broken their necks and survived. One in a snowboarding accident and the other who drove off a cliff. Neither were paralysed.

I don't recommend trying it for yourself though. These people were either unnaturally lucky or were just lying to make their lives seem more interesting.

Most broken necks = death.

The whiplash is a common neck fracture, and it mostly occurs in car accidents. That's mostly repairable. So your teacher could've broken her neck twice, but if it wasn't some serious fracture, recovery is very possible.

More people survive a broken neck then the ones who dont, my wife got a broken neck in a car accident in 1986 and has been liveing a normal life outher than on rainey days it might ache a bit but thats it.

As long as you don't sever the spinal cord, or cut the artery you'll be ok. It takes a very serious break for that to happen.
I broke a vertebrae in my neck on a trampoline 10 years ago, so I should know!

I would believe her. just recently I watched a TV program where a young boy was virtually decapitated the only thing that was holding his head to his body was the skin. They performed a procedure where they fused a cable to his spine and then attached it to his skull, watching ti almost mad me sick but I was so fascinated by it hat I Had to watch it to the end. I know a few people who have had to wear a thing they called a halo because of a broken neck. as long as the spinal cord is not severed you do not die, this is why it is important not to move someone after an accident, so you don't cause further damage to them

yes take the manchester city football clubs goalie many years ago he broke his neck whilst playing in a footie final and carried on till the end of the game,then he found out and he made a full recovery.his name was bert troutman.

Ties that bind
they wear what is called a halo it is a metal cast that rests on the shoulders and is screwed into the skull

acutually you can break your neck without being killed.. i worked in a chirpractors office for some time and i witnessed this first hand as long as the spinal cord or the brain stem arnt effected then the person has a chance of living

Think it is possible to survive, providing there is limited or no damage to the spinal cord.

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