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Can a baby have a different blood type than both the parents?
My sister had a baby, her blood type is A pos, the "dads" is A pos, and the baby's is O pos. Is that possible or does the baby have a different biological father?

yah that's possible, why do you think that you always here stories about people that have a hard time finding downers

hmm, interesting question. i would think so. i have a+ and i don't think my parents have that kind.

Yes. If the kid with other than A/O you can suspect for other biological father.

Table are there to solves the question, "What are the possible blood types of a child, if we know the blood types of the mother and alleged father?" To use the chart, find the column corresponding to the father's blood type, and then find where that column intersects with the row corresponding with the mother's blood type.

Refer http://www.genetree.com/resource/aboBloodTypeCalculator.php
for GeneTree ABO Blood Type Calculator

For example, if we know that the Mother's blood type is A, and the father's blood type is A, then their child must be either A or O. A child with B or AB blood could not be born from these parents.

Yes this is possible.

Very Possible. In order for that to happen, both parents would have to have the genotype AO. Twist of fate her baby got the least likely phenotype.

My friend: "I'm 1/4 English. Thank christ I bled a lot as a baby"

A can be AA or AO and B can be BB or BO. The baby just got the O's. O is the lack of A or B, sort of a space filler. Perfectly normal.

Pandora Tommorow
yes i think it is possible, it is just the "A" in the blood is not there

Answer Schmancer
What blood type is the mailman?

Dwasifar K
That is possible. O is recessive. The parents can both be A positive with a recessive O gene; if the baby gets both of the parents' recessive O genes, he will be O.


The blood evidence you have presented does not provide any evidence to suggest that the child is not from those parents.

A is a dominant gene - so your sister could be AO (this means one gene A, and one O) and the dad could also be AO - as A is dominant they would be classed as A (the O is ressive). The child could get the O gene from both parents and then they have OO as the pairing - this means they are classed as O.

Even if one of the parents had AB blood type it's still possible, just very unlikely that they could have an O type child.

It is very possible. Blood type is determined by 2 genes,one from each parent. A type can be AA or AO. If both parents are AO, the baby can take O from each one, and become O. So 2 parents of A blood type can produce children with A blood type or O blood type.


yes it is possible, it happens a lot

Ray M Be (Bay)

Lindsay G
Hmm good question, but I think sometimes children may have a different blood type then that of their parents. I know sometimes with blood transplates, that the best match maybe that of a sibling rather then a parent.

one of the parents of this child is o....it is not possible for two a blood types to produce an o type offspring....the offspring of two a types is
type a blood

It's always possible but it's far more likely that the baby just got the recessive O gene from both parents. O is always recessive so when A or B genes which are mutually dominant (they make either AA BB or AB when mixed) However in this case it would be the case where both parents were AOpos giving a-25% chance for a OOpos baby. (The chances are 25% AA 50% AO and 25% OO

Absolutely !

I have that same case in my family and though it was hard to believe it is POSSIBLE.

Yes, it's possible for two people who are A+ to have an o+ baby.

It means that both Mom and Dad are genotypically "Ao", and the baby ended up getting the "o" from both of them, making him genotypically "oo". If the baby had gotten an "A" from either of them, then the baby would have been A.

my mom is A + and my dad is B+

I am AB+



And the answer is yes.

60s Chick
Yes. I am B positive, my husband is A positive, and our daughter is AB positive. Our son is B positive.

Of course the baby can have a different blood type. How many different blood types are in the two family histories?

fasa f

Its possibe, because both parents submitted two genes. Heres an example:

Mom= AO which gives her blood A pos.
Dad= AO which gives his blood A pos.
Baby gets O from mom and O from dad= baby has O pos blood.

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