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Can Humans get bit by fleas??
Can people get bit by fleas and if you can how can u get them to go away.. And if you dont have any animals?? Can someone help me?????

Yes and I think you need to take a hot shower to kill them

Karen S
anyone can be bit by fleas

go to the vet

yes they can


i can't give you a scientific explanation to back it up but i've known many people to get bit by fleas and I myself have been bitten.


Yes humans can get fleas, unfortunately. There isn't much of a treatment except to just stop the cycle of fleas. Also it is better not to scratch the bites or they might scab. It's just of like a misquito bite; you just have to ignore it and it will go away on it's own.

If you want to get rid of them, buy a flea bomb. That will kill any fleas (and most other bugs in the house.) that are in your house. Just make sure to follow all the directions on there, as any animals or humans you have in the home will have to leave the house when you bomb it. Also make sure that you get the right one, I know that some are just to be used for 1 room so you might have to buy different ones for different rooms. These can be found at Home Depot or Walmart.

If you don't have any animals you can get them from someone else who does have an animal with fleas. If you do have animals, it's important to give them flea medicine regularly. My cat got fleas and he was allergic to them (Animals can be allergic to fleas, which is when they have an allergic reaction in addition to a normal flea bite.) and he got really sick. If they already have fleas, then get a flea comb and get them out using warm water. Do this weekly to make sure they don't have any fleas. Also shampoo them with flea shampoo. It is very important NOT to use cat flea medicine on dogs or vice versa. They are two different animals and can get very sick if you do this!

Also it is reccomended that you vaccum and dust often. Fleas like staying in dark places like under furniture and in corners. So it is recommended that you try and get the very hard to reach areas. When you are vaccuming completely dispose of the vaccum bag.

When you bomb your house with the flea bomb, vaccum first under furniture because the bomb often doesn't reach those areas, so try and move whatever furniture you can.

As for the yard, keep your yard trimmed often and the grass blades short because fleas can not survive in very hot temperatures. There are also powders and sprays you can use which can also be found at Home Depot or Walmart.

Good luck, fleas are a pain! I hope I helped =)

Yes, but normally only if you have had a dog in the house who has fleas and the dog leaves, leaving behind the little varmints. That happened to me and I got severe, itchy red bites all around my ankles. I went to the doctor and it was embarrassing to be told I had fleas. Calamine lotion helped until they healed. Believe me, I went home and sprayed the whole house and that took care of it.

Mary Smith
Yes you can get bit by fleas. They will die off themselves. Just wash yourself.

Yes we can be bit by fleas. I have found the best way to get rid of them in the house is to purchase flea foggers. You can buy these at Wal-Mart or just about any grocery store. The best way to get rid of them in the yard is to purchase a dusting power that is called Seven Dust. You just sprinkle it in the yard. There are other name brands you can purchase so you might want to compare them. Good luck!

Have you been near any animals and carried the fleas back home? Check in beds,clothes,or they may be in carpets. Yes,humans can get bit by fleas. treat bites with T.C.P (Don't dilute) You'll have to get powder to treat beds,carpets. Wash clothes on a hot wash

yes...in fact I've been bitten by them.

Yes, definitely, fleas will bite humans, and they are very hard to get rid of. You may have to spray your furniture, carpets, and beds, wash all bedding, curtains and linens. Treat the animal which infested your house or car with pesticides made for pets. it might take several times of treating your home and car. Good luck. Also keep a flea collar on the cat or dog that brought those pests into your place.

Yes fleas will bite humans. If you have them in your home buy a flea bomb and set it off in the house. You usually have to leave the house for a few hours. This will kill the fleas and any eggs living in the house.

They are hard to get rid of and yes, if they are in your carpet or even bedding from some previous animal you may have them. Also, this has been a terrible year for sand fleas which are out in the yard. I had to bomb my house 2 times. Spray my yard once with store bought bottle then I made my own solution of Octagon soap old fashioned brown soap, cheap, hard to find melted in warm water and mixed it with Mouthwash ....they say to add tobacco juice but, I did not. I mixed this in the jug, hooked to hose and sprayed the yard. My dog hasn't had any fleas since. Also, I had to use flea hormone on him and flea powder. This has been the worst year for bugs that I can remember in a long time.
Vinegar spray on counters for cleaning gets rid of ants. I didn't want chemicals in my eating area. Vinegar worked well.
I also powdered the carpet with hormone flea powder too! It has been a bad yr. You will have to do something. good luck!

Also, id you only get this from the bed it may be bed bugs. They can only be seen at night and are very minute, not just aroud the ankles and everywhere else in the house. They are in the bedding only??

Yes - treat all carpets and soft furnishings with an anti flea spray - unless you're a green type person and then I have no idea

Yes, we had a flea infestation this summer. We were primarily bitten around our ankles. If you have pets like dogs or cats get them on Frontline immediately. If you can afford it call an exterminator. And vacuum every square inch of your house I MEAN EVERY SQUARE INCH! Furniture, beds, floors etc... Throw a flea collar in your vacuum cleaner I recommend using a vacuum cleaner with a bag because you should toss it out as soon as your finished. Good luck.

Yes you can. Normally you have fleas if you have animals, however if you visited someone who has animals or a stray was around the fleas will come inside. They will stay in corners and along the walls were you walk the least. Dont forget under chairs and couches. Must of the bites will be on your ankles, some on your legs. You can spray with any over the counter spray and it will take care of them

Yes they can, only way to truly get rid of them is Exterminator....

Yes, and if the fleas are in your house you should use a flea bomb. Open all the drawers and cabinets, cause they can hide for protection. Then you have to rewash all of your dishes.

Yes, sometimes several people in the same house will be bitten while others in the same house won't be bit at all. Fleas could come in on a rat or mouse even if you don't have pets. You might try a bug bomb in the house to try to get rid of them.

Yes. Fleas have life cycles. You have to kill them dead, every single one. It takes several applications to kill them dead, every single one.

Fog your house. Make sure you tip over your couches so they can't hide behind the skirting. If you live in an apartment, try to get your neighbors to fog their apartments also. Spray your yard. Try to get your neighbors to spray their yards.

Use insecticide that kills the eggs. You'll need to make several applications over a couple of weeks.

Yes, humans can be bitten by fleas. The pet store will sell all kinds of things to help you kill the fleas: there's powders you can put in the carpet then vacuum up; sprays; etc.

Get the flea fogger. You may have to leave your house for a few hours, but it works.

patti duke
They can and they do all the time. If there are pets in the home and they are not treated properly for fleas then the fleas get into the house. They live in the carpet mostly so when humans walk across it they will jump (they have incredible jumping abilities) onto the human and that is when you will get bitten. It is mostly the lower leg that will suffer the bites, they are quite itchy and can become infected if scratched too much. Proper fumigation is the only thing that will get rid of them once you have this problem, flea eggs can survive up to 2 years so there is no quick fix.

Yes, humans do get bit by fleas. You will need to flea treat your house/yard to get rid of them, even if you don't have animals.

Yes, they can bite people. There is also grass fleas. If you have fleas inside your home, treat it as soon asp

Of course you can.
When I was a kid I used to ride pigs for fun and some times I got fleas that bited me all around my crotch.
This is a true story!

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