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Abortion: Do you Agree Or Disagree? Explain.?
I strongly disagree in abortion. I believe if you are a tape victim, you should take the morning after pill.. Other then that I donot believe in abortion AT ALL. It's wrong, and it's murder!
Additional Details
Can you people NOT READ? I said I DIDNT AGREE with abortion and rape victims should TAKE THE MORNING AFTER PILL!

linda d
It should be a woman's choice and i think it is fine in certain situations. Rape for one, if it was not planned and an accident, etc. If i got pregnant by accident and i did not want it, then yes, abortion is fine because why would you want a child raised by someone who does not want it. it's a seed, who cares

I do agree with you

i agree,women should not be able to make any choices

Well that is only your opinion. I strongly agree in abortion and believe that more of them should be preformed. It's not murder, it is a little pesky clump of cells that is easily removed. I have had numerous abortions and I feel that a trip to the dentist is more traumatic! You're not going to change anyones mind, in fact people like you only strengthen my resolve in the issue.

better " no "

It should be a womens choice

i agree with you.
abortion is nothing more than murder but you are not found guilty in mans law
but all the baby murderer's will face judgement for the murder of the innocent children.

No one "agrees" with abortion. The question is are you pro-choice or anti-choice. Abortion is horrible, but I strongly support a woman's right to choose for herself.

Small but Fierce
I agree... Good question...

It's funny how a secular Life Span Development text book defines Life as "Patterns of change, involving growth and decline beginning AT CONCEPTION (NOT BIRTH) and continuing through the human life span."

This is NOT a religious text book. Funny how the definition of LIFE includes conception... that so called clump of cells that everyone seems to think isn't alive is in the definition of LIFE...

I personally could never do it. However, I believe a woman should have the right to choose what is right for her body, just because what is right for me does not mean it works for everyone else.

Since you state your opinion so strongly, nothing anyone says here is likely to sway your thoughts or educate you. So my question is; why did you ask this question at all? I think you put it out here simply as a platform to state your beliefs.

In response to your addendum: you are using this for a rant & rave. You don't wish to hear an opinion that doesn't agree with yours.

If it's murder, why let a rape victim murder her baby? i mean seriously, if you truly believe it's murder, why should the baby suffer for the actions of it's father?

Foolish iconsistencies are the hobgoblins of little minds.

I say let each woman decide, if you want to call the fetus a life or a baby, or Einstein, fine. I won't argue semantics with you. She should decide.

Jinky Winky
I strongly disagree and is appalled by the idea of abortion. It is murder. Life starts at fertilisation. I cant imagine being here if my mother was as irresponsible as those mothers who undergo that evil practice. Here in the Philippines, abortion is illegal, but it is still sad to read on paper that it is still rampant, much disgusting is the thought that young teenagers are those who go for it...

There are so many different types of birth control on the market why would women need an abortion as a form of birth control This is another type of irresponsibility that people use. I didn't know I was pregnant etc, these are just excuses. When women carry to full term and then decide to get an abortion, don't tell me they didn't know they was pregnant. It is to easy and disgusting for people to do this. Yes it is their body but they have to many other options to protect their bodies, USE THEM. Yes it is murder to the highest degree and these same people scream the loudest when a mother kills her already born child. What difference does it make? Murder is murder no matter when.

West Virginia Gal
With ALL the birth control out these days there should be NO reason for unwanted pregnancies!!! I think abortion is wrong!

I taint libel
I belive that a woman has a right to make her own decision. If you don't believe in abortion, then don't have one, and while you're not having one, take in all the kids that will be born and not cared for. And learn to spell. I doubt a "tape" victim needs the morning after pill.

Right on Ronin!!! And I believe a man who respects a women's choice is a great man, and for all the men who don't "no uterus, no opinion"

I agree with your opinion. It's murder. even how young is the fetus in the womb, there's still the life at the time of conception. and after all, a baby is a special gift from God.

I don't really care. The baby is in the woman, if she doesn't want to go through with it, ok, I'm not gonna split hairs about it. The worlds overpopulated anyway.

I ask this- Do you speak from experiance, if not who are you to judge.

women should have the freedom to do what she feelings it best for her. if u want to stop abortion. the morning after pill should be given the same as birth control pills are given. let's stop judging other peoples choices.

Have you ever been in that situation?

I believe it is the womans choice. No one else should be able to tell you whether or not you can have a child. It is your body and your body only. Don't get me wrong I would NEVER do it(Ihave 2 beautifulchildren) but is it realy any of my business if the woman across the road who is addicted to drugs, beats the one child shes got and doesnt have a job chooses not to bring another child into the situation.. Into a situation that it might be killed anyway from getting into the drugs or from the mother beating the crap out of it one night when she is messed up on drugs... To me the baby would be better off if the mom would abort it and send it back to God for someone who deserves it and will love it the way it is suppose to be loved.
So my point is, is it really any of our business what people choose to do with there bodies.

Alex G
Good for you. And you are welcome to believe that. Just don't force that belief on other people. I would find abortion devastating and painful, but can see it as a necessary choice in some situations (rape, or health issues, mine or the child's). Hard choices are a part of life, and the lines between right and wrong are a lot more blurred than you think.
And before you start in on adoption: not every child can be adopted. My mother had an abortion (I would have had a younger sibling), because the fetus was severely deformed and she did not have the resources to deal with this. I will always respect her decision, and mourn with her.
Get over the judgemental self-righteousness.

I think it is necessary. Unless people like you want to adopt the children produced by banning abortion, the foster care system will be overloaded and many children will grow up in horrible conditions.

Why is extracting a piece of plasma from a uterus murder anyways? They can't think yet, aren't actually human beings. By that standard, isn't killing cows and deer murder as well? They can think and feel pain more than an embryo. Also, the morning after pill is a form of chemical abortion.

You cannot be morally against something and want it banned without considering the consequences of such a ban. Unless a better solution is come up with, abortion will remain necessary.

LL Cool J
I agree only to the point that if you know that you cannot provide a decent life for that child.

Mia B
I agree with you! Abortion is murder. Abortion is a selfish act for people who are not willing to accept the responsibilty of their actions.

I had to face that decision when I was 17.My b/f at the time(who became my husband then ex husband),demanded I get an abortion.I refused and now have a highly intelligent son whom at the age of 21 has 4 years of college at a prestigious college under his belt and will receive his masters in Computer Engineering next year.He started college at 15 with a letter from our state Senator.So I do not believe in abortion.b/c if I had done it,the world would not of received a productive young man into our society.

But I do believe a woman should make her own decision.Remember they have to live with the decision for the rest of their life.I do not think I could bear to get an abortion,it would haunt me for the rest of my life.I would always wonder what he/she would become,how they were developing,when they would be walking,talking,goining to school,prom,marriage,holidays and their birth days.
The heart is one of the first organs for the young fetus.If there is a heart beat there is life. And the heart begins to beat by the 4th to 5th week of gestation.People need to think about that.What if thier mother would of aborted them?

But I also feel a man should also make a decision about whether to abort a fetus,if that means going to court to save the fetus from the mother aborting the fetus.It is a new concept,but I think that is only fair,b/c if the mother carries it to full term, the man will be responsible for child support.So if the man wants the fetus aborted,and the woman refuses,why should he be made to pay childsupport.

This is a very confrontational topic,that will never end.


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