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 I am 14 and constantly tired even after I sleep a good 10 hours of sleep.Whats wrong with me?
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 I can't sleep, any suggestion?
It's 3 am and I had only 4 hours of sleep, can't go back to sleep, can you give me some tips, thanks in advance.
Additional Details
No medications, I am against it....

 Advice on tackling noisy neighbours please.?
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 How come my husband doesnt tell me when hes sick.?
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N@rUt0 tygr
Why is it bad to swallow your own blood?
I'm just wondering, because I never get a straight answer from this question. I've heard it's like poisonous or something?

Hunter D
it's pretty bad. if you swallow enough of it, your body dies and turns you into a vampire.

Sherry L
You could give yourself HIV, ebola, hepitits, or cooties, EWWW!

You should only do it if you are wearing a condom.

blood causes stomach irritation, will make u nauseaus (sick 2 your stomach), your own blood if not infected will not poison u or others, just dont swallow!!!!

Its bad in small amounts... Much better by the 5 gallon drum.

i never heard that it was bad

I don't think there is anything wrong with it, it doesn't taste all that good though.

the fact that you produced enough to fill your mouth on the other hand would be pretty worrying

its not poisenous but it isnt normal ..if you do it alot you may become a vampire

who told you that? you parents? doctors can tell you it's not bad only for very, small amount of your own blood.

It is not bad to swallow your own blood. I mean like if you cut yourself on the finger yeah so you put that finger in your month no big deal. It will not hurt you.
BUT if you happen to ingest blood from someone else (YUK) :P you could contract any number of diseases from that person. So don't do that.

because your blood has iron when iron gets into your lungs it can become extremmmmmely dangerous just like those who swallow a peney if it goes down the wrong pipe you can die beacuse of the iron content in the penny

It's not. My lip bleeds everytime and I lick it off. It's not bad, but your stomach my hurt for like 3 seconds. ;)

Well, moron, for one thing it's disgusting. The other thing is that blood cannot stay in the stomach so you will vomit and vomit and vomit until it is all gone.

Agnostic Canadian
It's not bad to swallow your own blood.

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