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Why does my eye keep twitching??
Its driving me nuts - my lower left eyelid is twitching/having spasms. ive rubbed my eye, this just made it water a lot, put a cold flannel on it, I cant seem to stop it!!

Its been doing it since teatime yesterday and its really annoying!

Any idea why it does thi? Any idea how to stop it?

thanks xx

Total Ă…rsehole
I had that last week but it stopped after a day or two. Try to ignore it.

Actually, its a medical condition. It means you're lacking in a certain vitamin/mineral, the reason I know I'm right is because I read it on a medical letter. Get your bloods checked out but don't panic!

It can take up to a week for a twitch to stop. Best thing to do is try to ignore it. The more stressed you get about it the longer it will last. If it is happening regularly you should see a doctor to see if ther is a medical reason behind it.

you've stressed your eyes. lie down and close your eyes, take deep breaths in thru your nose and out thru your mouth. this will lower any stress level, calm you down and allow any body part thats stressed to calm down...... good luck

My eyes twitch when I'm tired. I've found that a good night's sleep works wonders! Happy dreams...

you're tired!!

Tired, dry eyes twitch. I had this last week, and got some eye Drops from the chemist for "tired eyes". Put them in and the twitch stopped soon after. Worth a try.

Dude don't worry, it happens to me as well. I think you could be deficient in Magnesium or some other mineral or vitamins. Eat some fruit and veg or get it checked by the doctors.

It means you're tired.
Every one has this it shows in some people by their eyes twitching and in some it completely paralyses them
Its called
Focal Torticolis Distonia

it's me
mine does that when i'm tired

smile santosh
dry ness of your eyes

rachael s
This means your tired, your your twitches cause it hasn't had enough rest

More often than not it is lack of sleep or stress patterns that have recently changed. Unfortunately some people will suffer bouts of this "twitch" for the rest of their lives. Sometimes with years between occurrences. There is no real way to get it to stop, but to get more sleep and try to eliminate any stress factors.

What causes an eye to twitch?

Eye twitching | Causes | Treatments

Blepharospasm or eye twitching is believed to be caused by an abnormal functioning of certain nerve areas located at the base of the brain which control the coordination of muscle movements. In the majority of people it appears without any real known cause. Frequently, the signs and symptoms of dry eye occur right before or along with the appearance of eye twitching. Some research indicates that dry eye is a trigger for blepharospasm in those people who are may develop it. Occasionally eye twitching may run in families or be side effect of certain medications.

Other common causes of blepharospasm include:


Irritation of the Cornea or Conjunctiva


Lack of sleep

Prolonged staring at a computer screen or television

Nervous system disorders

How to treat an eye twitch

There are really three basic approaches to the treatment of blepharospasm: drug therapy, surgery and supportive or preventative therapy.

Drug therapy for eye twitching is a somewhat unpredictable type of treatment and doesn’t always produce long lasting results. Some drugs work for some people and not for others. Arriving at a satisfactory treatment regimen takes a great deal of patience and the direct supervision of a neurologist.

Before embarking upon a surgical treatment, most doctors will suggest a trial of Botox® Injections which is very often quite effective and also quite safe. Botox® is administered through a few tiny injections of the highly purified protein into the muscle to block nerve impulses that trigger eye twitching. Botox® Injections are a simple and quick, minimally invasive treatment that can deliver dramatic results for patients suffering from blepharospasm. If neither drug nor the non invasive approach of Botox® Injections are successful, then surgery may be considered.

Preventative measures are important. Since stress causes almost all muscle problems, including blepharospasm, to worsen, it is important to minimize and avoid stress. Whether this means embarking upon stress management through cognitive therapy, occupational therapy, or other types of group therapy or support meetings, these methods of improving and developing coping mechanisms should be explored.

In general, the approach to the treatment of bleparospasm varies with its severity.

Mild Eye Twitching
Will usually go away on its own
Cut down on stress
Rest up
Severe Eye Twitching
Medication (different depending on situation) usually to relax muscles
Botox injections
Surgery only for the severest of cases that hamper vision
Eye Twitch - Preventive Measures
Stress management - keep stress under control
Get plenty of sleep to keep eye muscles rested
When in vision intensive scenarios such as computer work, take frequent breaks to give the eyes a break

colette h
lol its annoying isnt it? its a little nerve and its gonna twitch all day long, so dont waste your time with flannels and cold water.

Are you tired? Thats normally the reason for it.

Eye Twitching, or Blepharospasm, is an involuntary eyelid twitching. It is also referred to as an eye spasm or eye twitch. Some causes are fatigue, squinting a lot, consuming too much caffeine, or working in a less than ideal visual environment, e.g., staring at a computer screens for long periods of time. Just like a muscle spasm at any other part of the body, an eye twitch can mean you've taxed your muscles and need to relax them.
The term blepharospasm really applies to any abnormal blinking or twitching of the eyelids caused by uncontrolled contractions of the muscles around the eyelids. In simple terms it is a blinking disorder.

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