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anyone got a remedy, the pain is ...

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 Cure for oversleeping?
help!! my son oversleeps.he even sleeps through the alarm!its difficult during exam time..he has to set up 3 alarms ..what do i do, apart from consulting a doc?
Additional Details
he ...

 I am dead tired. How can I stay awake and alert another 5 hours?
..without the use of caffeine which seems to have lost its effectiveness hours ago.
Additional Details
I'm on the west coast....

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 Are all Quadriplegics rude and negative?

I do not mean to offend anyone by my question on this website. However, if you read more I hope you will get an idea of why I present such curiosity.

I have only had 2 ...

 What is a medical induced coma?

Why do surgeons use staples to close wounds? Does it reduce scarring?
It looks so brutal. Which is why I'm assuming there must be a very good reason for doing it.

The Dark Lord
Life is Brutle.

Have you ever seen someone get sutures? That is brutal, they use a large hooked needle and tear through the skin every time a new stich is put in, they are not as clean and chances of getting infected or torn out is much much higher. Staples are so much more cleaner and easyer to keep clean, less chance of infection and scarring, they tend to stay in the skin better than sutures which have a nasty hibit of cutting through the skin they are suppose to hold together. Allergic reaction from staples is hugly low compared to sutures. I have had both and staples are the best, they don't hurt going in or out and it is faster than stiching and the wound tends to heal better. Does that answer your question?

It hurts more.

well they help seal up more than what stitches can. they mend the skin back to gether where it has been torn. where stitches can bust open you got a better chance with staples. in they do not leave scars.

Some doctors prefer staples - takes less time to staple than to suture!@

Sexy Red
Hi using staples does reduce the scarring also its quicker and more affective.There also easier to remove and dont get to messy not like nylon stitches as this can inbed in the skin and be very painful to remove.Staples are not used for all wounds thou,all depends how deep the wound it and where the wound is too.

It reduces scaring and is quicker and easier to remove

Yes, it reduces scarring. I had my knee stapled and when the wound was fresh I thought I was going to end with a huge scar, but it's actually a rather small scar now. But, I'll tell you something, when they pull the staples out, it seriously hurts.

Stitching is more time consuming.
With staples you can't blame the seamstress

Yes it dose i 47 down my spine and it very faint

Lily & Stu Too
I honestly think it's because it's quicker and easier for the surgeons. And with most surgeons being men - how many blokes do we know who actually LIKE sewing?!!

I had a spinal op several years ago and had one long running stitch which dissolved on its own and left a lovely neat scar. I had to have a redo op last year and this time they stapled it. I had about 40 or so I think - and I can honestly say I have never felt pain like it when they removed them - I bit a hole in the hospital's pillow case!

Staples are quicker, require less skill to put in. They do not lead to less scarring, you will find no facial surgeon using them, they are not delicate enough!

Just for info:- suturing isn't performed with a 'large hooked needle' that 'tears through the skin' the suture needle size varies according to the thickness of the suture material. Areas where lack of scarring is important would require a small needle and very fine suture material.

The suture needle is a very precisely engineered thing which has a specially shaped tip to cut through the skin in a certain way, again to minimise scarring.

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