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Why do some people fart more than others?
I really cant help it. Is there something wrong with me or is it healthy to fart? I dont suffer from constipation and eat a healthy diet. Do you think I may be allergic to something. All my family are farters too - perhaps it's genetic?

Maybe its the healthy food you eat.Im a believer in, better out then in.

I'm guessing it's precisely because you eat a healthy diet. Foods that are high in fiber (whole grains, fresh fruits and veggies) give people gas -- not exactly sure why. If it bothers you, try using a food enzyme like Beano or look for over-the-counter antacids and anti-gas remedies with Simethicone as the active ingredient.

The fact that you eat healthily is the reason that you suffer from flatulence. Whole foods, fruit and veg all play their part.
If you ate white bread and lots of pastry etc you would get constipated and not suffer with flatulence.

It's your healthy diet. All that fibre causes you to fart. It won't do you any harm, well, maybe your social status. Some people can hold it in! This is not unhealthy either, but not particularly comfortable. I let it go with wild abandon, in large groups, that way it doesn't make any noise and no one will have the nerve to challenge anyone. If you try to hold it and fail, that's where the noise comes from.

i think people probably fart more than they let on - so actually you probably are pretty normal - just candid - lots of people find it offensive therefore people do all they can not to fart in public.....except my friend dom...jesus.

healtheir foods(particularly vegetables and beans)tend to produce more gas than most processed foods, as there is a high fiber content in these foods, as opposed to refined sugars and fats(which are easily stored).
You may want to try bean-o, as it works for more then just beans. It works because our digestive systems lack a certain chemical needed to break down a certain type of acid found in beans, but a similar acid can be found in broccoli and cauliflower.

yep it is the food you eat!

People fart because certain food gives them gas or it could be from not eating. That can be from not eating too.

if people didnt fart we'd be as big as houses. there are foods that make you more gassy than others, even healthy ones. and it could be genetics too. look up flatulence on the web and talk to ur gyno. milk products make u fart bigtime. dairy products arent really that good for you, its the Calcium. so, cut down on the dairy, not the calcium

could be the type of food you eat is high in roughage, its good for you but not for those near you

Sounds perfectly acceptable to me, as long as I aint behind you.

It will be a mix of the food you eat and the rate at which you assimilate it.

Some people 'fart' when they are nervous, so clearly it is a combination of things.

Certainly nowt to worry about anyway..

gassy people i guess.

most people actually release gas through the skin, There are obviously larger amounts needed to be realeased, for example after eating bean & lentils, which can cause us to fart. If you find that there is not a break and it is continuous then I would change the type of soap that you are using as it may be blocking the pores that theses gases can escape

Alan K
Eat more natural youghourt.

Its largely due to diet (more green leafy veg = more farts) & level of exercise (lethargy = farts) & 'paddng' on your bum (flabby bum = LOUD farts)

You should hear my wife she is a right gas bag even the kids get at her.But the best thing is when she dose fart she laughs about it

people fart more that others because of the food they eat.

It could be genetic, you may be more sensitive to food than others. I would ask my doctor about food allergies. Try beano or something.

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