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 I had my tonsils removed, am I still able to get strep throat?
I am just wondering if I can get strep throat still, even though I had my tonsils removed....

 People has been saying after quitting smoking can cause cancer? Is it true? Please help.?
People say when a person quit smoking after a long time of smoking, he can get cancer. Is it true? I need professional help. This is mainly due to our body is so use to nicotine after all these years....

 Is my wife pregnant? She is not late in regards to her period but symptons are fluid from one breast.?
She thinks she might be pregnant. She squeezed her breast and clear fluid came out. Her menstraution is not late but feels she might be pregnant. Question: Does the small amount of fluid she squeezed ...

 Could water be dangerous to my health?
I have been trying to increase my water intake. So last night I drink a 16 oz bottle water. I didn't drink it fast, I sipped it over a 30 minute period. When I was finished I was really ...

 I can't stop fartin!!!!!!!?

 My infant has had diareia for several days now, is that normal. He's five days old.?

 I think I have an ear infection what do I do?
Tonight when I got home around 12 a.m. my right ear seemed as if it had water in it. I had taken a bath eariler today but it just started feeling this way. About 3 a.m. I couldn't hear out of ...

 Why do i sleep too much in "winter" especially?
in winter i become so lazy! and i want to sleep all the time.
often i sleep for 12 hours. i don't know why! and this affect my studies so much. anybody know why?...

 I have to take a drug test in a couple of days and im not sure the detoxification im takiking will work.?
the detoxification is called sonnies #7 purchased from a health food ...

 OMFG!!!!! I am sooo constipated! PLEEEZ help!!!!!!!!!!?
i have been totally constipated for 3 days and i havent pooped in three days as a result! And i dont wanna tell my mom to go buy laxitives or a stool sofener! It kinda hurts to push and no matter how ...

 Has anyone heard of Corn Huskers Lotion? Is it available in Canada?

 Laser Eye Surgery verses Permanent/ implantable Contact Lens????
which one would you say is less risky and more worth it....I want to get the glasses off and enjoy my eyes!!!!!!!!...

 How many hours a night do you sleep?
i probably get 5 hours max a night during the week and the odd sleep in on wkends,just wondering if this is normal or enough sleep for a person?...

 What exactly is a healthcare practitioner?
i took some career tests and they all said i should be this. what exactly is it and please be as detailed cuz i do want to go into the medical field, i just don't know what this job exactly does....

 *medical problem*?
If I have bloody stool, do I need to see a doctor? What does it mean?...

 Does eating overnight hardboiled eggs affect our health?

 How to get rid of hiccup?

 Are antidepressants like ecstasy?
At night when im sleeping i keep waking up and notice that i am clenching my teeth..
Why is this happening.
its the same feeling when i take ecstacy , then when i go home and go to sleep i ...

 I am Too tall!!?
I am only 11 and I am already 5'10 and I really do not like being tall. my doctor says that sports would be good for me since i'm so tall, but I dont like sports and i'm no good at ...

 Health poll!.. Do you need to have regular injections for any reason? surprising how many folk do!?
I have Vit B12 injection every 12 weeks for the rest of my life. Hopefully a long time yet. also periodic injection to help ease pain of Polyarthritis. If this question is too personal .. may ...

Why do my fingers swell up during the night or in the heat?

Billy T
go have your blood sugar checked

You are probably suffering from anaemia. This could be related to some problem with your kidney. Please consult your doctor immediately.

If you would do light weight exercises or stretching each day you would not have this swelling problem it is a natural process of eliminating excess salt from the body

too much sodium

you aren't drinking enough water--fluid retention which can be caused by other things as well. go to webmd and look up finger fuid retention causes.

heat expands matter

Go to a dietician.

Are you getting enough exercise?

What are your occupation and avocations?

Ask your family doctor. And still, if not satisfied, go to a dietician.

It's water retention, have you been checked for hypertension? This can cause retention of water, your doctor may put you on some type of water pill to help.

s t
this is quite personal. a)it depends on what you were doing with your fingers. b) it depends on your physical health c) it depends on the climate you are in d)it depends on what you are/were eating etc. and all these factors combined to a different degree. Hope it helps.

The first thing that I would do is to check your blood pressure. Swelling of the hands and feet is a common symptom of high blood pressure.

Mine swell in the heat. It is fluid retention. I don't know why. I can weigh as much as 8 pounds heavier in the evenings and during my period. Go figure.

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