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jonny b
Why do i get the shits?
every morning without fail i get the shits, but its only if i get up early, when i get up late its fine, i have to drive an hour to work in the mornings so have to take immodium every morning, is there something wrong with me? what can i do to stop it?
Additional Details
and i dont drink alcohol, already been to the docs and he sais he cant figure out what it could be

eat decent food and stop talking **** then it might not come out of both ends

eat apple and banana, my doctor recommended me if I get shits

go b4 you get in the car, worked for me till it stopped

wow dude try working 3rd shift.

to be honest i wouldnt try to stop it. it sounds like you have a very healthy bowel, i no its a pain but its better thrn being clogged up. maybe you could try prune juice a few hours before bed so it happens before bed instead of in the morning. also do you smoke?(cigarettes) this can be a reason for it if you do.

It doesn't sound good if this has been continuing for some time now. You may have a bug in your stomach.I would suggest to go see the doctor, it doesn't sound normal you poor thing.

Best of British
did they try spazmanol it stops the cramping, it does sound like ibs drink more water as getting the runs will dehydrate you and may make the problem worse. ask to be checked out by a specialist its your right as a tax payer! could be crones disease or similar.

high metabolism maybe?

kung fu jedi ninja
stop eatin chilli

Go see a Doctor. You normally have diarrhoea if something in your system is irritating your stomach or intesting and your body want to evacuate the irritant as soon as possible.

go to walmart and buy some acidophidus capsules.they are not expensive.get the highest amount they have which is in the billions.these capsules will eat the bad bacteria and leave the good.it may take about a week if taken as directed.you will feel better soon .

Warrick Hunt
The 8 pints of Younger real ale the night before may give you a clue

Lucy M
go to the doctors and as for blood tests. tell him/her your problems

You may need more fibre in your diet

Simon L
Well, the obvious thing to do is check your diet, my friend, cos THAT is not normal......do you drink a lot of alcohol in the evenings, especially heavier beers, ie, stout, ale, etc....?

more than likely connected with your diet. If you tell us what you eat and drink someone might be able to help.

Have you ever had your gallbladder removed? Almost everyone that I know, that has had their gallbladder removed gets diarrhea on a daily basis.

I would way rather be in your situation than in mine...I am on a medication that makes me constipated I go 6 days at a time sometimes without going...I got an impacted stool one time from it all building up inside of me, it hurt like crazy. I know this sounds wierd but I would do anything to get diarrhea right now.

As you've been to the doc and he can't figure out what's wrong you should go back. It could be a gluten or dairy allergy. I know someone who is allergic to all sugars even those in fruit and veg. It could even be something as simple as stress. Go back to the doc and ask for more tests, he probably thinks everything's ok if you haven't told him it isn't.
Good luck

cheryl c
I would be looking at your diet to find out what foods you are eating.
If there is nothing in there that caused you to poo them i would be seriously contacting the doctor.THIS COULD BE A SIGN OF inner bpowel problems.GET IT CHECKED

M. Rod
It could be a couple of reasons. If it's associated with bleeding or pain, see an MD to rule out Colitis or Diverticulitis (both can be treated with medications). If it's just diarrhea, it's most likely your diet. Do you eat a lot of dairy? Ex: ice cream, cheeses, milk or milk products? Then it would be Lactose Intolerance, which could be controlled by cutting down on dairy and taking "Lactaid" tabs (bought over the counter), to help prevent frequent bowel movements. I hope this helps!!

hounslow m
It could be down to stress if u have a stress full job or get stressed out that is known to cause the shits!!! change your diet eat healthy & try to be more calmer at work

Hi Johnny

You could have IBS (Irratbale Bowel Syndrome), I have similar problems, go to your GP and get it checked out. Are you OK then for the rest of the day? Do you go every day? if you miss a day or so do you get cramps/spasms when you do go? Do you suffer from cramps/spasm even though you go? Does you tum swell? If it is IBS its very much a "trial & Error" problem to sort, try increasing your fibre intake which will regulate you and harden you up (if you know what I mean), drink plenty of water and eat lots of greens veg like brocolli, spinach, Cabbage etc. Caffiene, Nicotine and alcohol aggravate IBS too so they say to stay away from them, this is true but personally I think its my GP's way of cutting out every tiny little bit of fun I have hehehe

Good luck sweetie and take care

maybe the wife my partner says i give them the shits when i wake en up 4 work 2 early

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