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Why do i always feel like vomiting in the morning?
Every morning for like the past 5 months i always have the strong urge to vomit. When i go running or work out in the morning i actually do vomit. I plan on going to a doctor to get this checked out, but is there a particular why this is happening because it really is bothering me?

"you plan on going to a doctor" yet you've waited 5 months. sounds dumb

Oh my god, yeah, this person is pregnant and for FIVE MONTHS?!? Don't listen to these people. They only want points. Haha!

So you work out? Did you just start working out five months ago or eating healthier? If so, it could be your body is cleaning out the color of all the harsh chemicals yopu've taken in from unhealthy substances. The vomiting could be it's way of cleaning out the body.

red top
there is only one way to find out that by being examined by a DR

It could be what you are eating?

Like, if you don't eat for a while before you go to bed and you're hungry - it creates acid in your stomach overnight causing nausea.

Same as if you eat too close to going to sleep - it will just sit there as it's harder to digest lying down

As for excersise - i don't know..

I was doing the exact same thing, This may not be why you are, but my doctor diagnosed me as having IBS (Irritable bowel syndrome). I take that wonderful little purple pill (nexium) every morning and II feel great. Actually started working within 2 days.

Lots of sites on the internet say IBS symptoms are only lower bowel problems, but if you let it go long enough, it can cause vomitting, nausea, and a variety of other symptoms.

This may not be your problem, but it might be a good idea to ask you doctor about it, especially if you are having any other abdominal symptoms.

Good luck.

rockstar 4 ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
well if your are a guy QUIT DRINKING BEER!!!if you are a girl then congrats!your pregnant!!!!!!

Jurassic Park Dino
Pregnancy is of course the possiblity. But I felt that way lately too. I guess why for my case, because I was eating very late. So probably my stomach acid was flowing back. At any case you need to see a doctor Hope you will better.

Maybe your pregnant?

maybe u ate too much last night!!!

1)try to eat 2-3 hours before you go to sleep at night
2)drink 1 or 2 glass of water and then go to sleep..and try to keep on increasing it.drinking water helps your digestion go smooth and fast this helps you lower your vomitting chance
3) drink something when you eat
4) always have a good breakfast
5) keep water with you when you go to run or whatever you do .. keep on drinking it little by little

kiss me Kate
If this has happened for the last 5 months, I'm assuming that if you were pregnant, you'd know by now. Maybe acid reflux? Go see a doctor. Vomiting can wear away the lining of your esophogus.

maybe your PREGNANT!

If you are a girl ~ could it be that you are pregnant?

Janice 10
Go to your doctor to be checked ASAP! Best Wishes and Hope you are feeling very soon! Get Well Soon!

☆ Country Gal ☆
You may be pregnant..

Vivian S
Sounds like pregnancy to me. Get to the doctor soon!

you are acidic men! dont drink sodas.
if you are a girl, youre pregnant!

Del boy
ur pregnant.

i think you're pregnant!!!
go to a doc to check things out!
good luck :)

You're pregnant.

Yes see your doctor immediately,you might have a serious problems only he can diagnose.

Well you could be pregnant well that is if your a girl, But Why didn't you go to the doctors after a week of vomiting?

If you are a female you could be pregnant ~ If you are male, check out your diet.

Try having your Thyroid checked. I had this problem, with any exertion and most swallowing my mouth would start to water, I would start coughing and vomit.

My Dr. tested my Thyroid and found it was under active and now I am on enough Synthroid 100 mg. to eliminate the depression I had had for 7 years and stop the vomiting and swallowing problem. For a change I am feeling good.

While I don't think this applys' to you, I did also learn that lemon in water daily will correct acid reflux. I thought originally that was what was causing my problem.

Good Luck.

Under Z Sea
you could either be pregnant and not know it, or you could have swollen tonsils which are pressing against your gag reflex... or perhaps you just have an odd persistent case of vomitting...all of which can be fixed with medication!..well except the being pregnant part. lol.

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