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julie w
Why do doctors feel your fingernails?
He said he was looking for "ridges".. why would that be?

Possibly looking to see you are suffering from anaemia, it's a way to tell i think.

Stupid answer guy
A fetish?

mad embalmer from the north II
vertical ridges indicate high stress aare common and not much to worry about

horizontal ridges indicate infection/ disease and are something to be concerned about....

Funny you should ask, my dad was in the hospital last week and we were talking to the doctor about this exact thing.

thanks for the thumbs down....not sure why i got it but thanks anyway.

What you noticed may actually be them checking the reflex when they move your fingertip looking for reactions elsewhere. This is to check the nerves in your hand and problems may be a result of spinal cord injury.

ice maiden
Your finger nails show deficiencies like lack of protein or can show anaemia.

Could be many reasons but people with lung cancer have blown nails.

my doctor has never looked at mt fingernails. but the ridges he is looking for is a sign for stress and ill health.

cosmic angel

I noticed that may of the answers here Julie are correct but when a GP/ Paramedic etc.. actually squeezes your nail, they are actually checking your oxygen levels.
For example if you have Asthma and have had an attack this is a very quick way to check your oxygen.

Of course many of the other answers are correct, many illness can be suspected by ridges in your nails but they now say that Calcium deficiency is an old wives tail.

As for the rest of the answers, so many complaints can be detected/suspected I should say, by a looking at these ridges

Anyway, I hope you are well but don't let it worry you, as normally is it nothing very serious.

take care
sandy x

Ridges in fingernails may indicate heart disease (not really sure of the connection, but it's true). They also look to see if the pink color comes back within 3 seconds, to see how good your circulation is.

He would be looking for a deficiency of sort,probably Calcium.

they are actually squeezing your fingernails to check the circulation - when the fingernails are pressed they go white - if they stay white once released this means you have poor circulation - they should return straight back to their origional colour. try it now - hope this helps

Ridges in you fingernails can show problems. They also squeeze your fingernails to check you circulation.

sdat b
Calcium deficiency.

chandrasekharam b
Finger nails are examined by Doctors generally for any anaemia, clubbing, capillary circulation, nail bed hygiene, infection etc.,.

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