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i started having this problem over the weekend....

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In the UK,I think you call it 'lie in'

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Additional Details
mrkiolbassa - don't you mean xanex?? learn how to spell there genius....

 What can I do to fall asleep before mid night?

Why am I thirsty in the middle of the night?
some nights i wake up like 4 different times and get something to drink because I'm so thirsty! I deink lots of water during the day...why is this?

I get really thirsty at night when I've had salty food for dinner.

you might have diabetes...one of my friends would get up in the middle of the night and get water all the time, just like you, and she went to the doctor because she would also have to urinate a lot, and he said it was diabetes, and now she is diabetic...but it's type 2 diabetes, not type one (which happens because of too little exercise)

Lady Catherine
It could be many things. It could be that because you drink a lot during the day, you are more sensitive to feeling thristy. It could be that you breathe through your mouth when you sleep, thus drying out your throat and mouth. Or you could have an air conditioner or fan too close to your face when you sleep. Try putting a humidifier next to your bed and make sure that there are no a/c vents or fans blowing on you.

Strawberry Shortcake
check with your doctor... you might have diabetes... one of the symptoms of which is polydipsia, or excessive thirst.

maybe some days ur eating salty foods, like chinese, french fries, and potato chips and this is causing u to be thirsty at night....

too much salt during the day, not enough water, booze, all can cause you to feel thirsty during the night. so could just living in a dry climate.

Maybe you should turn down the thermostat in the house. If it is too hot in the room, u will get dehydrated during the night. Or you could try sleeping with lighter blankets.

Its possably that you eat a lot of salty food that evening, which can cause your mouth and trought to feel dry, whichs makes you feel thirsty.

Maybe you have a vitamin deficiency. This may indicate that you are deficient in vitamin B-12 or Vitamin E. Maybe your body isn't able to absorb these nutrients. I'd see a doctor to check your vitamin levels, and your kidney functions as well!

Can be lots of things. Early sign of diabetes. Do you also urinate a alot? How old are you?

could be as simple as you breath through your mouth when you sleep..or your body is waking you up cause you have sleep apnea. Ask some one to check on you while you sleep...see if you stop breathing or snore excessively when you sleep.

This can be because of the dry or hot season. But if you sleep breathing through your mouth, your mouth gets all dry and therefore your body demands water.

it might be your body's way of telling you that you are dehydrated

happens to me too but that's cause I drink too much dry wine in the evenings which makes my throat parched a few hours later!

dances with cats
two most likely reasons are - you have a dry house, in which case you need to run a humidifier- OR you have diabetes, in which case you need to make an appointment with a doctor and get checked. could be other health reasons as well but get checked for diabetes as soon as possible, if left untreated it can cause major health problems.

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