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 For some reason I woke up today and my ears are stuffed. I tried drinking water and blowing my nose.?
anyone have any ideas how to unstuff them. I can't hear a damn thing!...

 Why do the whole of our bodies jolt up into the air when we are relaxed or asleep?

 Whats the minimum amount of sleep that an adult can get away with per night without affecting lifestyle/energy

 When u dont drink water is bad, how bout when u drink way too much?
i'm just addicted to water, i hafta drink a cup at least every 20 mins. could dat be bad too much watre?...

 Doctor, is there any way to permanently erradicate migraines?
I have eliminated cheese, chocolate, alcohol, caffeine and yet I still get migraines....

 If you could pick one age t stay for ever, what age would you PICK AND WHY?

 How many times is too often?
I m'bate about 4 times a day, is this too much?...

 Why is sleep important?
What can lack of it do?
Been out a lot and really not having much sleep few hours if I'm lucky, is this okay? Or will it affect my health?...

 I get constant headaches at the back of head & all joints in my body hurt. My gp just gives me pain killers?

Additional Details
I wake up several times a night with the pain, the pain killers don't work for very long....

 Why do nurses have to wear a uniform. but not doctors ?

 My little sister just puked and?
and i just cleaned everything fine. it's all in the wash (im babysitting, my parents are out of town)
anyhow, i've cleaned up this kinda stuff before, but this time for some reason, my ...

 Does poison ivy spread by scratching the rash? Can it spread from person to person?
I have been told that it cannot spread to another person, but I have also been told that it can spread by scratching it....

 Why did i just have a nose bleed?

 How hard can a baby be shook before it causes problems?
I am babysitting over the weekend, and I just wanted to be sure....

 How do i eat healthly on a budget?
im a disabled lady so i cant move around much and am on a bugdet i find all the healthy food quite expensive and dont wish to resort to vitamins.i wish to lose weight,and eat healthyer,do you no what ...

 How far does a toilet need to be away from food preparation?

 How much damage occurs to the body after only Eight years of smoking and is it revers able?
started smoking at 38, have now made my mind up to stop before any further damage ...

 How to deal with a roommate that doesnt shower or wash her hair?
This is my first time in college away from home. This is the first time that i actually had to share a room with someone else. When we first moved in, she seemed like a really nice person, but after ...

every morning, I wake up and roll up a joint for my journey to work...
Just b4 lunch i go to the toilets and roll up a joint for lunch...just b4 end of day i roll up another for my journey ...

 Bad sleeping problems!?
My boyfriend of 2 years broke up with me at the beginning of January, and although I felt really rough for awhile, I've been feeling better recently, at least during the day! We have a good ...

When your foot falls asleep how do you get it to wake up?
My foot is asleep! i know other people have this problem! HELLLP!

Put saliva on your finger and make a cross on your foot, it will start to wake up.

Your foot falls 'asleep' because circulation is poor in that extremity.(usually because of awkward positioning)
Rub it. Walk around. apply heat

Give it a tiny massage and then walk around.

Mujeeb A
Stand up, walk around, or even just move a little because that happens when the blood circulation is decreased or stops altogether.

walk around a bit cause if you move it slowly the pins and needles feeling hurts like a mother!

just lightly massage your ear this will stimulates the nerve endings of other parts of the body & amazingly you will note that your foot is again with normal sensations with in seconds.

The only thing to do is move your foot around, and get the blood moving. This is the only way I know, to wake a foot, that fell asleep, every time.

Dip it in a cup of coffee! LOL Just Kidding.

Move it around heaps, turn it from the ankle, wriggle your toes...

It'll hurt at first, but once it's fully awake, you will be fine.

papa bear
get up and walk around on it.....

Move it as much as i could but than i just start laughing cause it tickles.......

Beware the fury of a patient man
Shake vigorously.

go getta'
walk on it or move it around

put some water on it, and stand straight. It will work

Kayla B
This is from lack of blood flow to your foot obviously. To revive your foot, stand up. This way your blood will travel back down into the veins. You will still have that nasty tingly feeling though. If this happens often you might want to see a doctor. It may be a sign of a pinched nerve somewhere.

I get up and begin to walk....it goes back to normal after a while.

walk it off

stomp a couple times

shake the hell out of it

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