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When you find drugs in your childs room ~ what do you do?
I don't want to tell the ex parent(father) because he will never let me see my child ever again. My child will know I found it when she comes to get her stuff packed because she will have chosen to live with him because he's the easier parent. I never knew about this until 2 days ago. so, how to I deal with this as I watch my child pack her things and get into the car and leave? We have talked for the last two weeks and our relationship is very strained as it is. She refuses counseling. She states she has no problems except anger issues. She said we don't get along. She doesn't know yet I know what I found. Do I wait until she is stupid again when it is in his hands or do I wait until she brings it up if she ever does?

Andrea M
Call the police.

Smoking Cannabis Is Bad For Your Health.

You are four times more likely to develop schizophrenia and major depression if you regularly smoke Cannabis, according to studies in Sweden and New Zealand. Although findings are controversial, researchers believe Cannabis smokers are also taking a greater risk with their health than those in the 60's and 70's, as the drug is more potent now. In addition, smoking Cannabis is associated with cancer. This fromThe BBC.


i would confront the child before it is too late i am going through the same thing , i neede to talk to my daughterbecause i didn't want see my daughter dead from a overdose. I took the chance and got her some help and she loves me more for doing it now she is working and happy she was so depressed over my devorce she she turned to the pills it is a family problem get help for the child please we are losing so many children to drugs and alcohol

um what kind of drugs? send em over.

hi,well i don't no her age and what you found but i would let her no what you have found and try to remain calm and tell her you would like to try to help and would she like to talk about this. normally a parent would wanna get right into her ****. but there are already problems and your afraid of her leaving so try to come across like a friend who wants to help.i can relate my son was into drugs and it almost killed him and it did my brother so its not to be taken lightly. all you can do is try your best to relate to her. she has anger issues and could also be bipolar maybe. if you cant get through to her maybe the father can and hopefully she will except the counseling and maybe then she will realize your only trying to help her. you need to tell your ex so he knows. its not your fault she has the drugs. he needs to no so he can watch out for the situation. it will only hurt her if this is ignored. good luck and best wishes.

Well I honestly think this is something you need to tell your ex...Your child is both of your's responsibility, as is her welfare. Does it really matter if she choses to go live with your ex, at a time when she is risking and endangering her life?

This has to be discussed between all 3 of you...

sorry and gl

no name
If it is something hard bring the law down and tell them whats up!

You're the parent. Be one. You have rules and not breaking laws I'm sure is one of them. While the debate over whether or not drugs could or should be legalized can go on for decades. The bottom line is it is currently illegal. Respect for rules and boundaries is a lesson you're going to have to teach. It also sounds like the problem isn't "what to do?" The problem is whether or not you should do it. I understand that you are worried about the relationship that you have with your daughter. However, many times parents forget that their children will eventually grow up. Don't try to "earn" your child's affection. Obviously you're concerned enough to address the situation. So address it, and do so firmly. Let your daughter know where you stand and what is and is not okay. As far as the letting the father goes. I believe you should, it would only be right on your part. I don't know many courts that would take a child from the parent for addressing the issue of illegal drug use. After all, she took it with her, so it's a problem that you both have to address. If you don't get cooperation at least you tried.

Don't forget that your daughter will grow up. While kids may hate discipline, they will also be thankful for it later. Don't give up the love that your daughter will have as an adult for your parenting, for the short affection that she might give now for being "understanding." This is probably an instance where you have to take a firm stand and not yield.

ashley b
i went through the same thing when i was about 15 or 16 with my parents(im now 20 and have a 2 yr old girl) im no where near that time yet but i remember when i was that young. i had a "dark stage" where it was like i was mad all of the time. at my parents, at school, at myself. some of it was from me living in a different town than my boyfriend, and i blamed my parents for it (i know better now). me and mom used to argue like crazy.her and my dad were getting a divorce,and there was the boyfirned thing. but my mom would not listen to me no matter what. all she did was yell and fight with me, which made me rebel more. and she really was one of those parents who never listend. im not just saying that. i am ashamed to admit i did some stupid things. i did weed a few times, but my b/f convinced me to let it go( thank you nik).anyway, what im trying to say is, dont yell or get mad, just listen to her. tell her your there for her, and when shes honest u wont get mad. i mean if she says "mom ive been experimenting with weed. dont say OMG IM SHIPPING U TO BOARDING SCHOOL!! say like ok honey, well why do u think ur doing it. are u mad, or just trying it,playing around???? u know, just listen. i cant stress that enough. i think u should try having like a talk nite, where shes free to say whatever, and talk to u about any issue, without and repercussions(couldnt spell) i got that off of a tv show called my wife and kids. but, if u want her to talk to u, then i would try it. if she knows she can be honest with u, and trust u not to react ina bad way, maybe she will want to talk to u more. now like i said im not no where near being in that stage with my daughter, but i know how i was at that age, and i just want to help. im sorry i wrote like 3 paragraphs, but ide rather write too much, than not enough. good luck ,and just remember.listen

well with my son i have always told him the truth about thangs. and drugs is one of them you should let her know but go at it in a calm tone and try to see if she will open up to you. I hope the best for yall.

U have to confront her.Explain that u realize that your relationship is strained and u really would like things to be better and u definitely don't want her using...I know life is rough for her..at this stage in her life it is rough for any child.If the parents r separated u know it is even rougher.regardless of the strain that ur relationship is under she has to have help..don't call the police u have to figure out how to deal with this with out them.they will just ship her off to some institute and it will be out of ur control.Get a hold on this before it gets a hold on her.goo luck

Well it depends how old she is and what kind of drugs they are. If was just marijuana and she's 16 or older, I would just confiscate it and flush it down the toilet and not say anything. She's obviously not going to confront you about it.

If its anything more serious (ie Cocaine), then I think you need to consult a professional (ie: doctor, religious leader, someone like that) about this as it sounds like she could wind up in a lot of trouble.

not2shabby abby
i would talk to her about it. Depending on the type of drugs that you found should determine was fast you need to do it. I wouldn't be too worried if it was just pot. Im not saying that it is not a problem, but face it, most kids now a days are smoking pot. However if it was harder drugs that you found and she is leaving your house to go live with a parent that is easier on her i would be worried. It will be much easier hor her to develop drug habits if the parent is not aware of what is going on. Hope this helps and good luck :)

It's hard to know that your child is in a path of destruction and they don't really care or know about it. I'm no parent, but I believe that everyone in you position has a tough decision, should I put a stop and be hated for it, or should I let it go and pretend nothing is wrong? I would choose get in the way, put your foot down and talk this over with her. If she get's angry so what, at least she knows that you know and that you care in someway about her. I don't know you or your child, but I will pray for you tonight and ask God to help you in this tough and serious situation.

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