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Whats the fastest way to get weed out of your system?????!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
i have a job interview at 4 today and i smoke like almost 2 weeks ago. what should i do kus theyre making me take a piss test! how long does it stay in your system and what can i do to pass this test?!!?!

Fish <&gt;<
Don't do drugs!

dont smoke it in the first place.

are you high

Mama Lamma
Stop smoking it. It stays in your system for about a month. Be honest with your potential employer because it is a bit too late to do anything about it now. Tell them you smoked a bit at a party and that it is not your usual practice. Then you had better back up your word.

I just read a few others ideas on what to do. If you flush your system right before your job interview, guess what? You have now concentrated the evidence. If you had any chance of it not showing up you guarenteed that it will now. You don't have time to do that. Had you asked a week ago, then maybe.

Cannabis stays in your system for UP TO 30 days.

Your best bet is to haul *** to a head shop, and ask them for their recommendation on a system flush. Ask them for directions too, some of them you take right before you go pee, others you wait awhile. And by the way, they are expensive!

Otherwise, you will most likely fail the test. (unless you only hit a joint once in the last month or something, then you might be good)

You could always drink lots of water, but if the pee test is today, that's not going to help much. Seriously get to a head shop, tattoo parlour, somewhere like that. Grab the phone book, start calling those places to see what they have. You've only got a few hours to go.

Drink nothing but water. If that was the only time you smoked and did not smoke before then, than two weeks should be sufficient. It is gonna be close.

drink tons of water
and dont smoke it no more

dont listin to the other people...drink a gallon of water ...and for future reference...a pack of jello.....open the jello pour it in a gallon of cold watter shake it up and drink it..make sure i keeps mixed....remember dont make the jello just pour it in the gallon strait from jello pack..what it does is bond the the thc in you bladder and maskes the weed...good luck with you interview i hope you get the job

well had youi posted this question friday youve could have had enought time to flush. damn stoner. try urine luck. says it takes only 2 hrs to work

but your best bet at this pint in time is to keep loking for work, sounds to me like your screwed.

There is no fast way to get weed out of your system...therefore if you fail the urine test, let it be your future guide...quit doing weed, and keep a job!

go to GNC (vitamin nutrition store)ask for a product behind the counter called Cleanz Blendz, a tea drink one gallon in 3Hrs., also they have a product called Stripz (juice drink type stuff) its a one guart bottle you drink up to an hour before the test , the tea is a lot to drink but it tastes a helluva lot better then the juice. and people get real smoking weed isnt gonna kill you grow up and get the facts some drugs arent bad

go to sav-on they sell home test kits.......see if u pass..

Tanya P
go to ur nearest "adult" store and u can purchase something that takes it out of ur system quick

I have heard it usually takes a month to get it out of your system. Since it is has only been 2 weeks, stay off of it until you get hired and make sure you don't have to take another P test.

If you smoke sparingly,it should take 1-2 weeks to leave your system.However,if you are a heavy user,it might take as much as a month.Good luck.

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