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bloo shoe
What to do when your leg falls to sleep?
my leg always fall to sleep i hate it why does it this and how can i stop it when it comes and from coming?

cavemen gurl♥♫

Walk around on them

You shake it and walk on it that is the best way .

you can just get up and shake it a bit. patting it will also help. and avoid sitting too long in one posture. this thing occurs normally when we sit cross legged. its good for exercises. but not when it occurs in public places.

The best thing that works,for is,i step on something very cold, and i get the feeling on my leg back faster.

Two Vibrant Hearts Could Change♪
I don't know how to prevent it...but if it does move it around a lot...your leg will fall asleep if you don't move it for a long period of time so move it! The reason your leg falls asleep is either you haven't moved it for a long period of time OR your cutting off the circulation!

Miranda Jean
do what they said but wiggle your toes first

Lean back when you sit on the toilet. Most of us lean forward, which cuts off the circulation to the legs and prevents us from enjoying a nice long crap. If you lean back instead this won't happen.

akki smarty
take a little bit walk along with washing a little your leg

I Know Nuttin
Get out of your chair. You've been sitting on your a$s too long.

Walk it off.

Stephanie V
well you tap your foot on the ground which will make it tinkgle. Then it will go to your leg and it will stop and your leg will not longer be alseep or you can start walking around.

mareedu s
Wake them up.By alarm or spray some water........iam joking i really dont know what to do!!!!!

This guy...
Poor circulation

Try drinking plenty of water...................

rock lobstah!®
stab ur foot 3 time and then break ur ankles. then ur legs will wake up.

wake it up

Don't sit too long on your leg. Take a break every thirty minutes and walk around the room twice then sit back down.

wiggle your toes now and then

the leg only falls asleep because of the following reason.

you sit without moving for ages.
your blood stops circulating in that area (your leg).
the nerves start cramping.

you try to get up and have that horrible sensation hehe

so when you see that the leg is asleep, first start wiggling your toes 10-15 times. At some point start rubbing the side of your leg, in a circular motion, as if you're scrubbing it with a sponge.
After a 4-5 rubs, also start swaying your leg up and down (from the knee).

All this makes the blood get moving again properly. After doing this action, the nerves have their precious blood and stop cramping and your leg wakes up.

To prevent - do the toe wiggles and the leg swaying now and then just for fun, it'll prevent the blood circulation from stopping.

If you can, you should get off your chair and walk about now and then several times a day - it's better for your future health, something your company won't care about but you need to.

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